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    Lol guess they realized people were buying cards from Canada for like 20% less than the cards would cost in USD.

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    That was Nexon's own fault.
    If they didn't block so many online-payment options, including declaring so many people "high risk" for PayPal and Credit Card, people never would have thought to go to other sites for their NX, and wouldn't have seen that they can pay less for "Canadian" NX.

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    I've been high risk for years. Still don't understand what the issue is since they're not selling a physical product, oh no, someone could chargeback us! Oh god, what do we d-

    Oh right, we ban their account if they do something stupid like that.

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    They still get charged twice for that happening - this was a huge problem like 5 or 6 years ago, and they ended up banning hundreds because people would charge back nx they bought through PayPal and gifted to others. That's why they have such stupidly ambiguous rules and don't allow a lot of players to charge via PayPal or even credit card. I think it's dumb as hell myself, but you can blame the jackasses from way back when for it.

    I had a good 9 people in my guild and 4 other friends of mine who were banned because of literally one individual who sold them nx and charged it back. And that wasn't uncommon. Granted you can't gift credit nx anymore unless you're a golden snail, it still is to prevent pomegranate like that from happening again.

    And banning a mule account doesn't really do much. They still lose money from it happening. Inb4 "a mule account should be obvious, players should know better, etc." People bought nx from anyone and everyone as long as they went first. Didn't matter what level their characters were or what gear they had on. It's a moot argument.

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    Chargebacks can cost businesses a lot of money, so it's not unreasonable for Nexon to do their best to mitigate them. Here, read this:

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    And here I thought they were going to reduce prices in Cash Shop. I thought all hope for Nexon inside me were dead, guess not.

    I AM A FOOL.

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    I always thought it was only maplers outside US/Canada getting the "High Risk Error".

    Been "High Risk" since early 2008 and while I was mad back then, now I should probably thank Nexon for just how much money I've saved. Don't know many other maplers who have played 8+ years spending nothing on the game (and only 50$ of my relatives money).



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