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    Default Dragon Ball Super

    A brand new series has been announced, a sequel to Dragon Ball Z (and the films)

  2. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    Kai ain't even finished yet tho? :/
    But they sound dedicated.

  3. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    It's pretty close and may be done production-wise. However, Kai is just an edited down version of the original series to retell the story in a way closer to that of the Manga. Only a few scenes had to be redrawn and that doesn't require the same production team as a new series would. It's like a Dragon Ball Z movie being made during the original airing of the Dragon Ball Z anime.
    Edit : Actually, Dragon Ball Kai sould be done with by the time this show airs. They're already at the final fight.

    That said, I'm hyped as fuck about this. I've been loving the new movies and I hope the new series will be just as good. I'll reserve my worries until the show begins to air.

  4. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    I really hope the fight animations are on par with some of the best fight animations from the old dragon ball. You know how every few chapters the animation quality would go up like a hundred times making some fights among the best in anime even by today standards (Goku vs Cell, Goku SSJ3 vs Kid Boo, etc).

    And considering the words mr. Osamu used to describe the new plot I hope it really is good. Making Brolly canon would be great IMO, he was like kid buu except 0 funny and totally badass... or using the 7 dark energy dragons too (always thought the concept of that one was really good).

  5. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    I highly disagree. Unless they completely retell his story, there's no way to make him fit. His history is so full of plot holes, ass-pulls and inconsistencies, the last time I tried watching the movie, I couldn't make it to the fight.

  6. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    When I said "make Brolly canon" I didn't say how. I didn't mean for them to simply put him into super as if what happened around him in the movies was real. Retell his story. heck he can be king of a saiyan survivors colony that wants to conquer the universe, like how the plot from the fanmade Dragon Ball Absalon is.

  7. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    If they can retell his story, it would be great. I would love the idea of some other Saiyan survivors finding Earth and trying to beat Goku, Vegeta and the halflings. Though, the only flaw with that is the chance of them going beyond Super Saiyan is very, very slim, much less Super Saiyan God.

    I'd also like to see more of Vegeta's brother.

  8. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    You mean the one from the movie? What for? Unless he is part of the aforementioned saiyan colony and becomes an enemy to Goku and Vegeta I'm against it. All he served for was to turn Vegetta into a goof in that movie.

  9. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    While his character wasn't the best in that special, I think Akira Toriyama could do better for his character. I mean, he IS canon, if Battle of Gods and Revival of F are canon, as he's mentioned in it. I'd like to see him become a worthwhile character. Maybe not another Super Saiyan, but another fighter with unique attributes.

  10. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    Then they better retell his story. I find nothing interesting in his "I'm a non racist Saiyan married to some random alien who is not interested in violence" character, that's Gohan's role. Maybe make him a younger version of the same vegeta that came to earth in the saiyan arc. Egotistical, cruel, proud... facing Vegeta against his past as he tries to guide him likehe was dealing with a younger version of himself.

  11. Default Re: Dragon Ball Super

    hopefully there will be a little something new in between Battle of Gods and Revival of F. If not, then i guess we really wont get any new DBS content for a couple months after the series is even released



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