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  1. Default What do JoeTang's calculations really mean?

    I had a look at this thread. I think that he didn't use the most optimized solution for each job. He even used different skills in GMS and KMS for jobs that are identical in GMS and KMS. All I'm wondering is: how does this help us to see the difference between jobs? Or what is the purpose of doing this? (No offensive to JoeTang. He still has done a good job for us.)

    If this doesn't tell much about the damages of jobs, how do I actually compare the damages between jobs?

    Thanks guys! :)

  2. Default Re: What do JoeTang's calculations really mean?

    they tell us that if you somehow manage to actually pull off perfect ideal absolutely amazing attacking conditions 99% of the time you could be doing something better with your life.

    edit: I got a warning for this? Lol, apparently playfully pointing out the massive difference in damage potential between the top meta classes and the bottom is a bad thing.

    Zero single target, fastest 2, 51814%/s with absolute perfect gameplay, in a scenario that's incredibly hard to reproduce.

    Hero single target, fastest 2, no sharp eyes. 12057%/s

    Mihile single target, fastest 2, no sharp eyes. 7943%/s

    Like, legit. There's a lot of classes that just don't perform well comparatively speaking. Zero's "balance" is how damn hard the class is to play. But Mihile has no excuse for being 34% weaker than another class in the same archetype. 10 maybe, but legit, there's a reason why you never see a lot of classes out and about. Maple's very much a damage game once you get to the end, and some classes just don't perform well at all for endgame content.
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  3. Default Re: What do JoeTang's calculations really mean?

    Most if not all of the tables he has provided has not been updated for a long time and they are now out dated. At the time of his last update (which may not actually be reflected in the first post) there were some difference between KMS and GMS for the same job.

    How does it help to see the difference between jobs? It only reveals half of what actually happens or is considered important in game.

    What it does show is that it shows funding effectiveness. Majority of your funding is converted into ATT and STAT which is then multiplied by your skill% to convert into damage numbers (in simple terms). JT's table give you a %/s figure that helps you figure out in broad terms the damage multiplier.

    Where, Damage = Funding x Damage multiplier.

    Accuracy? His calculations and the skill set he uses go through a lot of scrutiny (as can be seen from the many pages of replies, which I highly recommend you read through if you seriously want to understand the tables). But as I have mentioned earlier, they have not been updated to the current versions of KMS and GMS.

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    Thank you for replying. Was there a difference between KMS and GMS at the time? I didn't know that. Ok fair enough. Ok so it doesn't reflect what's going on at the moment, so how do we compare damage between classes?

    I see what you mean, thank you for replying. I still don't know if there truly is a difference between classes in terms of damage, at different aspect. E.g. at different level of funding, the potential maximum damage, etc
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    Default Re: What do JoeTang's calculations really mean?

    Oh, there definitely is a difference.
    It's easiest to see at the top end: when you're capping all hits, the class with the most hits-per-second can dish out more total damage, pure and simple. That's why you see certain classes dominate Dojo, and why Marksman Bryan was unable to defeat Dorothy within the time limit as a Marksman, but could do it as a Bowmaster.
    As for differences at lower levels of funding, they exist but are harder to see. JoeTang's chart can tell us that at, say, 100k range, class X can do more damage than class Y. But the chart doesn't tell us how hard it is for each class to reach that 100k range (different weapon multipliers, etc) and definitely can't tell us how things like mobility, stance, avoid, range (the distance kind) affect each class's mobbing or bossing abilities.



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