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    All I keep getting are conflicting answers when I ask people this, so I'll ask you people since most of you are still quite active in the game. Is MapleStory dead or is the activity still there, just with newer users? (Giving the impression that it's dead to older players)

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    Judging by free market activity alone, our FM used to go to the 3rd row, sometimes 4th, nowadays we're lucky if we fill up to room 7. I'd say that's a definite sign of inactivity, but that's just me. (This is GAZED, by the way)

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    The way I see it.... There's barely any new users that can really get into this game anymore. A lot of what made tha game awesome is gone now. So on Broa its still active, but mostly people who are on and off and then the really rich kids who always play for some reason. Definitely a decline in activity.

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    Yup it's dead. I give it 6 more months, a year at most (Nexon will do everything they can since it's their only game that really worked).

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    game died the moment they tied progression to how much money you spend

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    Small community isn't what made the game great back in the day, and a small community is not good for any MMO. It makes the market pomegranate, and a lot of game aspects such as party quests pomegranate.



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