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    I was worried about the series not continuing after 4 (both due to sales and the seemingly "series-ending" storyline it had, not because I didn't like it), but looks like my worries were unfounded. Based tri-Ace.

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    tri-ace is love

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    Inb4 nerfed into the ground international version again *rolls eyes*

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    Please be good please be good. I want this to be good. Please also be a sequel to Star Ocean 3.

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    It almost has to be. It can't be pre-SO4, SO4 in the timeline of the series was only a few years after the hyperspace age started/they switched out of the AD calendar. Pre-SO1/post-SO4, or post-SO2/pre-SO3 would be in boring time periods storywise, so I doubt those will happen either.

    I like the character designs more than 4, and already with only 2 VAs confirmed the fMC has a VA I like. Concept art isn't as good as I would like but the ingame art is actually better than the concept art is. Hopefully the game has a decent number of playable characters, and I really want the varied movesets instead of copy/paste feeling that some of SO4s had compared to SO3. SO3 characters almost all had VERY different movesets. Albel and Peppita in particular, but the rest felt enough different from each other that it actually felt like you were playing different characters, too. SO4 didn't really give that feeling as much, they all felt about the same.

    Really though, as long as it has combat on par with SO4, I don't care what they do with it; even with how crappy SO4's story was, I still put like 600 hours into it and had fun with everything except the glitchy piece of pomegranate postgame Wandering Dungeon, which was a black hole that regularly wasted 2-3 hours of dungeon crawling when the game froze, or, assuming you even made it to the end, still wasted that much time or more if EQ decides to RNG you to death, since there's no savepoints throughout. I really would have liked to have completely beaten that game by beating chaos EQ6W, but getting to her is just not worth it for how often she wiped me out, so I just settled for EQ4W and 6W Gabriel. Close enough, considering how hard Chaos mode was even before postgame.

    Based on the interview it sounds like they are going back to SO3 in more ways than one, which is perfectly fine by me, SO3 was my favorite in the series.

    What do you mean by that? The international version was actually a lot harder than the original because a ton of game breaking equip bugs were fixed and a few character skills were made less incredibly overpowered.

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    I was fine with the skills being adjusted, but the equip nerfs were just silly. I still beat the game 100% but it took eons longer than it really needed to.

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    You had me at hello, Kobayashi.

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    guhh do wnat

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    If you knew what to do, most of the things that were made easier could be done other ways. Maxing Fol didn't take that much longer using the +fol% gear/metal dudes/black hole sphere method, max level was never an issue, and with the best gear fully upgraded you could max all the important stats and make the rest so high nothing but 2nd/3rd form final postgame bosses could even damage you. 6K GRD is enough to 100% block Gabriel and EQ, and you could get that without the equip bugging; 9999atk is nothing, you can reach that even before you start stacking triemblem gear. The biggest, most important synth "bug" was not removed, probably because they realized the game is absolutely impossible on chaos postgame without it, which is of course the ability to make equips with 20 all resist. If you aren't immune to magic, you ARE screwed in Chaos, even before postgame. The majority of people never play on Chaos so they'll never understand that suffering, it took me 5 hours to get off of the "tutorial" planet at the initial crash site, and the very first tutorial enemy killed me 4 times. The huge stat modifier is annoying but not really what makes it difficult, it's the goddamn burst gauge modifier that makes enemies just about instantly go into burst mode and makes stagger locking impossible. A lot of people get mad about the inability to blindside but I didn't use that except against 2-3 bosses where you do 1 damage if you aren't hitting them from behind.

    The stat stacking being removed doesn't really affect anything except your ability to kill 2nd/3rd gabe and EQ, and you don't need to do that for any achievements, you can easily just get Lymle's EQ in 10 minutes unlock on an easier difficulty mode or even just on 1st EQ in Chaos if you have near BiS gear.

    The biggest skill adjust, by the way, was WAY more of a nerf than the equip nerf. Ever notice how NOT every single pineappleing hit is a crit with Reimi, and only about half to 3/4 are? THAT'S THE NERF LOL. I saw Reimi videos before where the console lagged on X360 because the crit notification in the corner overflowed so fast it literally started freezing the game.

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    The Reimi nerf was huge LOL I switched from Reimi abuse to x claw abuse with miracle because of how noticeable the damage difference was. But yeah, like I said the nerfs weren't GOD AWFUL but I just think it wasn't really warranted in the first place. chaos mode was and IS a ginormous pain in the ass in both iterations, so it didn't really matter anyway. The biggest thing was resists and that was kept so it was still beatable. It just took a lot longer (for me, at least).

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    This is literally the best news all year to me. I enjoyed The Last Hope so much and completed it on both systems more than once. I remember back in 2009 playing this day and night with no sleep and friends coming over say "wtp you're still playing". good times. cant wait.

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    Wow I thought I heard SO4 was the last in the installment... Seriously can't wait!!!

    I was talking to a friend who I loved Star Ocean and was sad that SO4 was the last....

    :D! I won't even care if the character plot/personalities are flat/annoying! (maybe a bit lol)

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    The more recent SOs have been all about the combat system with everything else taking a back seat. If the combat system is good enough, that's fine by me for an offline game, other variables are only introduced by publishers and the like. That's how TERA managed to flop, incredible combat system, pomegranate decisionmaking; every time I think I can't possibly be overestimating MMO publishers anymore after all of their failures across hundreds if not thousands of games in all genres, they surprise me again.

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    Seems I was wrong,

    Space Date 10 – Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    Space Date 346 – Star Ocean
    Space Date 366 – Star Ocean: The Second Story
    Space Date 537 – Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
    Space Date 772 – Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

    They ARE putting it before TTEOT. More new screenshots and stuff in this article. Looks like they are keeping the dating sim events, meh.

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    Gosh dammit. I wanted a sequel.

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    I need this so bad. More excited about this than FF and Kingdom Hearts. Just please no characters like Lymle.

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    Another thing that makes me excited is that they say this in multiple interviews;

    "Kobayashi: “We’re not thinking about story downloadable content or a complete version. Of course, if users ask for it, the potential is there. Personally, I’m of the opinion that if we have time to make such DLC, it’d ultimately be better spent just working on our next game, as that’ll make people most happy.”

    The no DLC is cool but that's even better.

    Also, I didn't post the trailer, it's pretty good.

    The music after 2:10 really reminds me of SO3, so gud.

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    Big update today after almost a year; dual audio is confirmed, they aren't censoring anything that was in question, and it will be coming out something this summer in the west/the end of this month in JP.

    Star Log #2 is going to be mid April, I think the 12th.

    Music direction seems to be continuing on the track of SO3's, which I am hype for. Already considering this a flagship title for PS4, and a reason to finally get one, Bloodborne looks good and I'll get it too but it wasn't enough reason to buy an entire console for me. This year is filled with good pomegranate releasing anyway, so now is a good time regardless.

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    Apparently the elevens are mad as pineapple at us, some info just came out that because of SJW whining they are censoring the game not only here but IN JAPAN AS WELL. So far it's only a minor change but it's the first time any game has done this, so it's a jumping off point for more of this pomegranate to start occurring. The change is to the panties of the MC's childhood friend. I won't post them here but you can find it easily, but basically they changed them to white panties around the size and shape of a diaper, and it looks exactly like the hasty, terrible redesign that it is. I think they won't lose too many sales to it, it's just discouraging that they would cave to pressure this universally for no reason. What WILL lose them sales is if they censor Fiore's outfit, not only because of it's uniqueness but because her skin showing in that manner is a plot point, she uses the uncovered skin as glyphs in order to cast magic and she has to have direct contact with the glyph.

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    This minor edit is being blown way out of proportion to the point of being hilarious. It's so funny that people are already throwing down the "Buy the game used" card.



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