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    In light of how pineappleing amazing the most recent stream was, this needs a thread. I was already excited enough for this game to want to buy an entire console just for it, but after yesterday I'm feeling kind of like Cartman in that Wii release episode, I must have this now. The stream showed that mechs aren't just going to have a minor role as transportation, there will be entire segments of the game based on them, fights exclusive to them, and an incredibly in depth weapons system for each part of the mech, which are all fully destructible in combat. When they got to the super weapons I lost my pomegranate, they showed a whip made of bombs and a gatling laser railgun. Arms have basic weapons, shoulders and back have stronger weapons, and the super weapon unlocks later, then there's multiple overclock drives you get too that doesn't last long but makes your mech super saiyan.


    Video stream starts at around 30 minutes.

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    The immense amount of hype for this game cannot be contained. After I finally got around to doing a playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles, this game is going to be INSANE!

    Also pineappleing this!

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    I don't like the world as much as XBC's, but then, I don't like any world as much as XBC's. It's not just massive, it's interesting and colorful in a way no other game's world is. Even after 7 playthroughs I never get bored of exploring it. XBCX seems to be a bit more dull and dreary colorwise, at least from what I've seen so far; nothing approaching Satorl Marsh or Mt. Valak or Eryth Sea. I'm hoping there will be some zones more like those. XBCX is supposed to be 5x bigger somehow, so maybe they have only shown some lower level zones and none of the really neat ones; the image you just posted is only 1 of the 5 continents, and not even the largest one.

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    Looks cool, though I get more Phantasy Star vibes than I get Xeno ones...

    Can't tell if that is good or bad yet.

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    Haven't really kept up with it, but it's limited to the New 3DS correct?

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    No. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles. It is coming out on the Wii U.

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    Is it? I wasn't sure if it was in the same series, unless XBXC is
    . It's likely that chronologically, XBCX occurs BEFORE XBC, if it is in the same storyline, and

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    I read Xenoblade "Cross" has no relation to Chronicles at all. The only thing you'll get is references and that's it.

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    New trailer, JP release is only a week away.

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    one week before spoilers everywhere!

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    Color me impressed.

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    Best thing about the direct: Xenoblade Chronicles X releases in the west "later this year"...

    The direct was pretty cool otherwise. Really liked some of the features they went more in detail to.

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    Commentators were pretty annoying but that's about standard. Looks like mechs are definitely going to be a large part of the game and not just a tacked-on system.



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