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Thread: Best farmer?

  1. Default Best farmer?

    Currently debating on which class to create for farming in evo lab because I need some ores and seeds (lots saved on other chars)* but my demon slayer is not as good as it used to be because of the nerf
    SO given the current state of evo lab, which class was least affected by the nerf
    and which class is most effective for farming elites?

    From experience and others:
    DS demon cry + boundless rage + that other aoe skill
    Lumi reflection
    kanna kishin toto own a platform but vertical range lacks (very good in lab for catching respawn)
    NL showdown + passive

    Not sure which to go with
    I will have access to hs and kishin if needed so I'm just figuring out which is most effective for farming inside and out of evo lab

    edit: *I mean lots of cores saved

  2. Default Re: Best farmer?

    I hope you have the cores needed for them some how because you can't but ore/seed cores anymore.

    Anyway, I'm gonna have to say Lumi because reflect helps with the moving mushrooms as well as those still. But that's just how I play.

  3. Default Re: Best farmer?

    Lumi is easy and cheap and safe but has a relatively slow attack speed on the whole. DS is supposed to be the best for farming, though if you do a great deal of damage, DA is possibly faster (that green slicing skill does low damage but lots of enemies and is very fast). BaMs work well too.




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