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    Figured I'd make a thread for the Slayers and/or Dark Knights around. I've created me an Asura inspired by videos of Indra and wanted to play one out and I'm very much enjoying it right now.

    How are your Slayers to you? Your opinions on their classes and awakenings?

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    My main's a level 60 Asura/Silent Eye/whatever. When I played Alpha it felt underwhelming compared to my newly made Necromancer - but when I began back in Beta something about Asura clicked better than my Necro (whom I don't actually touch anymore lol). I'm extremely excited for Indra because lightning god yes please. I finally got to 60 for Glacial Wave and I love it so much ;u;

    Also I learned the value of Ghost Orb. Very very handy. Though I don't ever use the awakening because I run out of MP like crazy enough as it is, I don't need Murderous Wave + Wave Eye constantly draining me to 0.

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    With all the changes we got, I honestly I forgot about my Asura's awakening until yesterday. I mean, it's a good skill for gathering mobs but since every other skill we have is so good, the awakening falls behind imo.

    By the way, canceling ground quaker into enticer is the best thing ever.

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    I've gotten my chara to 35, just before losing fatigue so I'm enjoying my elemental wave attacks. I'm really looking foward to the Indra and his lightning attacks.

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    Been playing a Dark Knight while I wait for my Alpha Zerker to return. Definitely finding the class fun with the customization of skill combos and setups, but I can easily see why people say the class is overpowered.

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    I feel the same exact way. My Asura seemed weak compared to my Necromancer in the alpha, but it flipped in the beta. I don't play my Necromancer anymore since I'm having so much fun with my Asura.

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    Yeah, Asura is pretty good, i'm pretty proud of being a good spitfire since i grinded my way alone to 60 in the old Nexon Dictatorship days, and the ultimate dungeons are a drag to do on my spitfire but i clear them so easily with my Asura that is baffling. It's certainly my main character for the moment (Even though im dual leveling him with my spitfire) and can't wait for being a frigging lightning god.

    Also refining equipment will be good since you can get extra intelligence and maybe Extra Fixed Damage too. Also to control my MP on asura i tend to not max out murderous wave, that way i can keep it on from start to end of the dungeon with only 1 or 2 stacks of mind snap (Spam Wave radiation/deadly enticer for a stack)

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    I hit 70 on my Silent Eye last night! First 70 in DFO ever (started in alpha) and I'm pretty happy. I definitely feel like I'll be sticking to my Silent Eye in the long term, so much fun and does good enough damage for me. Was a little disappointed with Magma Wave but it's still really cool! Bring on second awakening (and more pillars of Ice Wave)!

    Also, I've been looking at making another Slayer, just for fun. Does anyone have any experience with a Berserker?

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    I have a lot of experience with Berserkers.

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    How do you feel about Berserkers? They look really interesting being a HP dependent class but I'm concerned how hard they are to play. Would staying at a lower health be too risky? Also, how "good" are they (can they solo things well, do they have any glaring problems, etc.) Sorry for so many questions!

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    I like Berserkers, they're a good solo class and have decent utility for parties (in the form of three grabs and a super hold). HP is never really a problem, in fact, Berserkers have their own heals. Killing bleeding enemies gives you a little HP and Diehard is an active heal that can be used when your HP is under a certain threshold. I think they are a solid class all around, the only problem being that since they are a fixed damage class, so their damage can plateau. Although, keep in mind that I am talking from the point of view of old DFO.



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