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    Let's talk about Female Slayers and get even more hyped for their release! I know I'm not the only one very excited for this class. What subclass are you looking forward to? Sword Master, Demon Slayer, Vagabond, or Dark Templar?

    I find both Sword Master and Vagabond very appealing visually and skillwise. I plan to make both!

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    Dark Templar is the female version of Dark Knight, right? Then that.

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    I too enjoy Sword Master, but most want to make a Dark Templar like I did in July. The 45 is such a great nuke, especially with its 65 passive: Removes the delay on explosions, so as soon as explosions can occur, they do. It could burn 10 bars off some bosses or so. I made it to around 43 on Sword Master before quitting, and the cancels were quite fun. I think they mimic some other class's system of cancelling, but I'm unfamiliar with anything but M. Slayers and Necromancers.

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    I just want my Vagabond with her +11 back. Running dungeons without that is going to be such a pain in the arse, though I will still have a blast because SHE'S SO pineappleING FUN TO PLAY. I really know nothing about any of the other classes, though I've seen some gameplay of Dark Templar and she'd be the one I'd choose if I were forced to make another Fslayer.

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    Sword Master. Reminds me of Paladins in MS because of the element swapping stuff. I've always liked those kinds of mechanics.



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