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    Default Tower of OZ revamp

    Seeing the revamp that came in KMS, seens that the Tower of Oz will be much better, max posted the changes
    and they made the f42 better , i hope this ''later'' is like 30 sec, should be enough , i even expected to they do some changes to f36 and they did , they even lowered the Dorothy hp
    seens that we will get more rings too, but most of the rings still not so usefull, i remember talking to a friend about some rings and he expected to be permanent, so i guess they could change stats of the rings ?

  2. Default Re: Tower of OZ revamp

    Probably a 1 minute reduction for each stupid pill/Hazy Stones, just so the total is still 1 hour 30 minutes.

    "little later" sound like only 1 minute for Floor 42, just barely enough to run two laps around the map, though I prefer they make it so you only have to go around the map once or give the beetle a suicide timer just so other monster can spawn.

    Should save like 2 minutes at Floor 36, assuming she will start with 1 monster instead of 3.

    Now everybody will be stuck on Floor 22 and Floor 23, at least they can experience half of the tower before quitting the tower forever.

    20% HP decrease for full time meteor, not sure if worth.



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