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  1. Default Your "MapleStory Legend(s)"

    Hey guys! I'm a web developer preying on as many MMO fan-based forums and their communities as I can find. With the permission of Eos, I've posted this thread for the sole purpose of listening to your opinions (and REASONS) on who was/is a true Hall of Famer in the game of MapleStory. I'm sure you've all taken part in one thread or another, whether this forum or the next, about who is a legend. However, I'm looking for a mature discussion on the subject. Please only mention players who have accomplished some sort of feat. Though I am aware of some users who are still renowned without a major feat, so only mention them if you truly think they deserve it.

    I'll using this information along with similar information from dozens of other MMO's for a future site, as long as I can get a plentiful collection of information.

    So! When posting, please, please provide your options in an organized manner to begin.

    Username(s)/In Game Name(s):

    After that, discuss in whatever manner you wish, rule abiding of course


    (I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, because I will for sure be asking questions and replying to some)
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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
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    Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    globally you'll have fangblade, tiger and immatesearch who in order:

    reached 200 first in GMS.
    was top position in GMS for the longest time, before stuff nobody knows happened and he vanished.
    reached 250 first in maplestory

    after that it starts to break down, well known hackers, important people for each class, etc etc.

  3. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    Any body who has accomplishments in terms of raids/bossing? I'm all ears for anyone who you think should be "enshrined" into forever. I'm not sure how popular the guild system for MapleStory is, but I'd also be interested in well-decorated guilds who were once known. I say "once known" because I'm more interested currently in older versions of the game. Can't be a rookie baseball star and be inducted into Cooperstown. Takes time, dedication and must be earned. That's not to say I'm not interested at all in current players/groups.

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    There was a level 13x dexless hermit I followed back in the day. His IGN was ZakumsMom and he was my inspiration to make my first hermit.

    IGN: ZakumsMom
    Server: Windia
    Reason: super mlg pro naruto dexless sin tbh

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    baffled by why you would care. anyone who cared would already know about tiger, fangblade and suushii

    So what are you going to do that required his permission. tonnes of threads gossiping about these maple celebrities are made on a regular basis on all the maple forums. is something really evil being planned?

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    Farm: Hyuna<3

    Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    xxxdrayxxx he made maple vids which i watched when i first started which pretty much captured what maple was back then. now its all these ppl soloing bosses and cubing / scrolling stuff

  7. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    I apologize if you have the wrong idea. Nothing "evil" is being planned. I've never played MapleStory, nor have I been engaged in any of it's forums or fan communities.

    I've been to other forums, for other games, and after creating my thread, it's deleted within a matter of hours because they think I'm trying to advertise. So I changed the way I do things by talking to an admin or staff member, and changed the tone and vocab I use when posting the thread to avoid it happening again.

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    IGN: SageFlip
    Server: Windia
    Level: 20X
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    In terms of raids, bossing, and guilds, you can't sum it up because every server has their notables. Yes, people in more popular servers may be more well known, but you'd be surprised to find out that there's some good people on the not-so-well-known servers too.

    ...altho, to shamelessly plug myself, I can name one "decorated" guild for you - MTDynasty, which was an alliance of guilds spanning across several servers in both GMS and EMS.

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    marksman bryan was my idol until he switched to bowmaster and broke my heart

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    IGN: icephoenix21
    Server: Scania
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    Alliance: Evolution
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    Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    Idol is a bit of a strong word but...

    For bishop:

    Username(s)/In Game Name(s): thatwasmykil
    Server(s)/World(s): idk, broa maybe. One of the B ones.
    Reason: He was a kickass battle bishop. Battle bishops stick together yo.

    When I first added @ShinkuDragon; to my buddylist it was pretty awesome. Well, he still is awesome but I was damn stoked to have THE SHINKUDRAGON on my buddylist cuz he's smart when it comes to maple-math and hp washing and whatnot.

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    IGN: Elidibs
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: HS Master
    Guild: SquishyNoobs
    Alliance: Brave
    Farm: Zodiac

    Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    I'm a bit hesitant to use the word idol for an MMO, but I'll nominate:

    IGN: hefferheffer
    World / Server: Windia
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: FallenStars

    Reason: Anyone who's played in Windia in the older days would know him. He led Windia's 1st gen (about 4-7? years ago? I forget), the premier bossing group in the server. Every time a new, unbeatable boss was released, they would be the first or one of the first to take it down. He led the first group to take down Pink Bean in GMS, who was once the top "undefeated" boss in the game for over a year.

    He was one of the most trusted and respected pro players in Windia back in those days, which is a pretty remarkable feat in a game where everyone only looks out for themselves in the present day community. You needed a trustworthy bossing group to carry you through Zakum? You would see hefferheffer. Needed a pendant from Horntail? See hefferheffer.

    tl;dr version: He was one of the most famous players in Windia years ago, he led its top bossing group, and was known for his high degree of integrity.

  12. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    Probably Dockzz from Bera, one of the leading OG str dits

  13. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    Sorry if "Idol" is too strong lol, I've gone ahead and changed to Legend(s) which seems to fit more I suppose. I've played my fair share of MMO's, so back in my preteen-teen years, it was hard not to have a few players everyone knew about and looked up to in order to achieve more personal goals in the game. I prefer the least amount of bias put into answers as possible, but I assure you that I understand it's hard to do at times. I appreciate all replies so far and any that are still to come. I'll be collecting other community's opinions as well, and put them altogether and look for the common denominators.

  14. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    Ecko? Echo? w/e that guys name was for hacking a GM account. lol... #legend

  15. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    SoupMonster was also a big one in Broa. He had really high fame (he was always spamming buying fame in Kerning), and hosted the best Zakum runs in the server when Zakum was first released. He was also one of the highest levels in the game at one point.
    @Zodiac; not even Windia only... He was known by all servers. I never played Windia and I knew about him.

  16. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    so you are making a tribute site to the legends of maple?
    while i am confused as to why...

    legends - tiger. he has quit. people gossip about him a lot. much more than all other celebrities combined. it was rumoured he was 5 people who played round the clock,

    you should go in game and visit the hall of fame at each job advancement site. its true, you should. you can find them all there.

    guild - zinnia was number 1 for long time. a guild ranking is provided in game also

  17. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    I thought the most commonly accepted explanation was that the introduction of 4th job turned spearmen from the fastest leveling job in the game to one of the slowest, so people started passing him and he couldn't really do anything about it. He just decided to quit at that point.

  18. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    Supposedly his father died and things just kind of went downhill from there. I must say I was pretty disgusted with how much people made fun of him over that at the time.

  19. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    DaBoki (wild hunter and mercedes, had a long standing youtube channel that I followed from 2011-2012 in Khaini)

    Mazz - Incredibly strong dual blader / thief in general, also has a youtube channel, since has mostly followed smash instead of maplestory

    ImEvoL - Popular Aran (i forget which channel) who before Unleashed released a lot of bossing videos and such.

    Zelkova - KMST and GMS player, puts up skill showing videos after a large KMS update and shows them with English commentary for GMS.

    Older guys back in 2006: The leaderboards back then (Tiger, Suuuuuushi [how many 'u's did she have in her name?], FangBlade, CurryIShott)

    xxxDray86xxx was INFAMOUS for his maple kombat series. Got a lot of people into Breaking Benjamin, too. Here is his AMA a few years later:

  20. Default Re: Your "MapleStory Idol(s)"

    I wouldn't call what I'm doing a "tribute site" per se.. More along the lines of a site dedicated to the most dedicated of their respective MMO's (not exclusively MapleStory). I feel most extremely dedicated players in games nowadays-- those who put hours and hours in-- are lost and forgotten after they move on. I'm a very nostalgic person. I know many other gamers can be naturally nostalgic as well.

    I've got a nice list of MMO's to gather similar information on. The finalized list of people on the site will not be decided by me. I'm hoping to collaborate with many community leaders for each game, who have played their fair share of the game, and they will help decide who deserves it.



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