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    Thats a great minimalist approach Loose! Great job!

    I really like their current logo so I'm sad to see it go.

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    I've never really liked it. I think it has too many elements. The rocket, space and the flame and each of them have a different amount of detail. Maybe if the rocket was a bit more simple it could work.

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    I have to admit, the play of up and down with the A and the V is fantastic. I really love that design.

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    Glad they have a solid version.

    Not usually a fan of textured logos, like how they have as the cover photo.

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    That's just something I made up to show them how it would look applied on their Facebook, it's kind of a way to seduce people into choosing your design. Since they see it being used it makes their choice easier.

    The logo doesn't have a texture, it's just on the cover picture, because people like effects and textures.



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