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    Surprised we don't have a thread to discuss this already, but I guess that just shows how dead Maple is recently.

    A big KMS update in 4 parts, with 2 parts already released.
    Max on Orange Mushroom Blog calls the updates Introduction, Development, Conclusion and "12"


    • Regular events, as well as a Cash Shop transfer event. Really nothing special.

    • A new chapter added to Friendstory, revolving around Damian and the 4 masters of Root Abyss.. forming a rock band.

    • Return of the Freud's Ring event.
    • Boss Changes (Hilla Party Limit changed, Cygnus now drops the Empress Shoulder and has a Death Count of 5)

    • Not yet released
    • Seems to have something to do with Eunwol and Freud. Max speculates it is a sequel to the Freud's Ring event.

    • Releasing on Maplestory's 12th Anniversary, April 23rd
    • Hinted to be a big update

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    has it been long enough for this "big" patch to include 5th job?

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    looking forward to bowmaster 5th job HUH

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    tfw there will never be anything done for zero

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    Evan revamp would be a good thing if it takes place in the next patch.
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    I really hope this is finally the reason why the game has got so many lazy updates

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    gMS really needs this. And delete characters that have been permabanned for... lets say over 2-3 years, as well.

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    Also, I didn't see much worth posting in that update.

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    If GMS does that then a bunch of cool IGNs are going to be botted and sold for real money, but I agree that it's long overdue. I thought they'd end up doing something like that initially with Big Bang, and then with Unleashed, but apparently not.

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    I'll go back eventually

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    All of a sudden, some info about the Seed reorganization was released. It will be released in two parts:
    The first patch will be released on 03.26 and will include the revamp of rewards and rankings of the Tower. "Seed Tower R" is the name.
    The second one will include never-before-seen features and upgrades in Maple. If I understand right, it's the revamp of Chryse. 04.02 is the date.

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    Been over a year since they reopened an old location, yes?

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    Teaser for the last update before anniversary was released.
    1. "Hidden in the pendant, another memory of Freud"
    Freud's journal episode 2. Onyx pendant, pretty much?
    2. Something related to mileage changes. The title refers to "reducing cash items' price by half" event. Weird.
    3. If I understood right, Helena and Moonbeam(the fox-girl from Eunwol's storyline) will be added to Star Planet PvP. There is another character, but it's darkened.

    All 3 parts will be released on 04.09. The mysterious character is connected to 04.30 though.



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