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    Default Terry Pratchett has died, age 66

    I'm not sure how many people here are familiar with his work, but Sir Terry Pratchett was an amazing writer and one of the brightest minds of our age. His works are all about the great comedy that can be found in the absurdity of life (and death). If you haven't read anything by him, I highly recommend both Small Gods and Good Omens as some of his best work.

    For those that have read his Disword books, his final tweets are particularly ponient.
    Warning: These made me cry

    At least his battle with early onset Alzheimer's is over and he won't have to suffer the creeping darkness anymore.


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    Default Re: Terry Pratchett has died, age 66

    Was expected, but no less sad for all that.
    His Discworld is one of my few buy-on-sight series, and not a one of them has disappointed me. Very rare for a series of this length.


  3. Default Re: Terry Pratchett has died, age 66

    Terry's the kind of guy I want to believe in an afterlife for, because if anyone deserves awesome parties for all eternity, it's that dude.



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