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    KanColle thread? KanColle thread.

    If you're playing, welcome to the thread.
    If you're trying to play, good luck.


    This is a game with an anime adaption called Kantai Collection. You're the admiral, you control a fleet of ships and destroy the f'uck out of abyssals. That's what you do, you build new ship girls, you strengthen your ship girls, you send them out on expeditions for loot and more materials to f'uck abyssals harder.

    tl;dr: F'uck Abyssals.


    You can usually find the times of the next lottery to get a chance to play the game. The guides below tell you how to enter the lottery. has a timer for when the next lottery is announced, you can use that one as it's the most accurate.

    General Wikia:

    How to Play:

    Under the proxy guide, use the GoogleChrome way of using the console and accessing the web page through there.

    Game Guides:

    KanColle Mods:

    People who play:

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    It's not showing up after using Search.

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    well he certainly plays, that's fo sho. got a shimakaze iirc.

    i don't play this.

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    Wow @KhainiWest @ShinkuDragon thanks for remembering.

    The thread was probably in Shenanigans.

    I'd recommend KC3 extension for Chrome or KanColleViewer if you're interested in playing.

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    Well assuming I get into lottery Alonzo is planning on make a chat if you want to attempt to join later lol

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    If you'll have me :3

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    Of course :^)


    Been trying to farm 1-5. I can 1hko 1 & 2, but after that it's damn near impossible for me.

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    Try to develop some anti-submarine equipment. 10 fuel 10 steel 30 ammo 31 bauxite is the recipe I usually use.

    I can't level DDs or CLs on 1-5 anymore because the troll sub is there now. 4-1 is now my go-to DD/CL spot. It's slower but a lot safer than 4-3.

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    Only problem is I sent my Team 2 out on a 2 1/2 hour long expedition. And now I need ammo cause I'm around the mid 50's. Mostly cause i was trying to craft them. Serious bad luck, as I was only able to get 3 sonars, and 2 death charges.

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    Update tonight (~9.5 hours from the time of posting this) adding Maya Kai Ni and also ending the Hishimochi event.

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    So I'm at 9/10 Hishimochi because I haven't been trying very hard, but I suddenly really wanted it starting yesterday ._. I heard that the last one is more difficult to get, but it could be just selective bias.

    @Derosis I'd actually recommend against clearing 1-5 constantly aside from the monthly because it can inflate your HQ level and it will easily get out of hand. As far as I know, this is only an issue if you actually clear the boss each time though. You basically requires a Battleship (BB), if not an aviation battleship (BBV) though, for a second shelling phase to clear the map. Sadly, Houshou is the weakest light aircraft carrier (CVL), but in 1-5, CVLs don't need to wear Fighters (Green planes). They can just be loaded with Torpedo bombers.

    Finally got my Bismarck Drei yesterday.

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    I gave up after getting 3 Hishimochi. They just wouldn't drop for me anymore and I can't seem to clear 3-4 to get to 3-5 to farm the pre-boss node. I'm sure Skilled Lookouts will be available through some other method eventually anyways (I hope).

    I got Shigure Kai Ni today and also managed to finally get Nagato out of the default LSC recipe. And Fusou is almost at Kai Ni too. The last few levels before 80 take foreverrrrrrr.

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    I only have one torpedo bomber. I'm farming it just to get Yuudachi and Hibiki to Kai and to start off 2-1 and after easily. I really need more construction items, still really dunno how to farm those effectively.

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    I had 80k Fuel yesterday. Now I have 0 san points.

    I'm out. Peace.

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    Got my first BB Fuso, not a bad start for today.

    Now to farm up resources from dailies. ;;


    I'm making the chat now. Just give me a bit and pm me if you're not in it.

    Also first BB get was Kuso.
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    This is a bump, to anyone interested or is playing Kantai Collection. Just pm me your skype and ill add you.



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