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  1. Cash7 [Question} Dual Blade Skill [ Asura Anger]

    i didnt have a dual blade , just want to ask ..

    Dual Blade : Asura Anger

    this skill can ignore all damage ?
    like paladin hyper [Sacrosanctity] ?
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    dragonic katara [ Effect : Devil type monster deal more 20% dmg ] ?
    this effect work on boss ?
    chaos root abyss boss is devil type ?

    sorry my english poor =(
    hope this question u all understand .
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  2. Default Re: [Question} Dual Blade Skill [ Asura Anger]

    Asura is not like Sarcosanctity, it doesn't ignore any damage at all.

    The Dragonic Katara affect does work on bosses, but only of the Devil type. I don't know exactly which monsters are Devil type, but none of the Chaos Root Abyss bosses are.

  3. Default Re: [Question} Dual Blade Skill [ Asura Anger]

    For reasons that I never understood, Asura does actually ignore the damage from Arkarium's screen crack OHKO attack:

    There may be other attacks that it ignores damage from too but I can't think of any immediately. It's certainly not a normal part of the attack and as far as I'm aware it doesn't work on Gollux' screen crack OHKO type attacks.

  4. Default Re: [Question} Dual Blade Skill [ Asura Anger]

    Gollux's screen crack 1HKO is set to be unavoidable, and similarly for many of the recent bosses e.g. all of Vellum's attack, be it his Hyper Beam attack (which although seems to do millions of damage, is actually not a set damage attack) or his fireballs or pop-out attacks. Check for the "Unavoidable" tag in the Boss module thread. In Arky's case, this tag is not present in his screen crack attack, hence I think Asura works. Probably only Sacrosanctity blocks "Unavoidable" tagged attacks. I cannot immediately tell if related skills like I/L's Freezing Breath work similarly.

    Interestingly, Arky's screen crack isn't a %HP attack, probably because it was a relatively old boss and %HP attack mechanics haven't been introduced yet. Most of the attacks for end-game bosses now have %HP attacks, which means that anything with 100%HP damage would mean you'd just about survive with the innate defensive skills, and anything more than 100%HP is probably meant to be a 1HKO. [IMO setting such numbers is being myopic, but whatever.]




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