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    I would have a couple of questions regarding equipment traces (iirc it should be the correct name of the item you get when you boom an equip with star force) as we don't have it yet in ems, hence I can't test on my own.
    Say that I scrolled a clean weapon with average att using 90% scrolls (+90 att). If I boom it and then toss the equip trace on a new one that has +2 base att clean, does my new weapon end up with +90 (pure attachment of final stats before enhances) or with +92 (in case the trace just brings memory of the scrolls effect)?
    Also this is directed to anyone that plays kms or knows about it: if I do the same on an item with additional stats (say I find a weapon with +24 att), will my new weapon have +90 or +114? (in other words, if it keeps the additional stats or not after dragging the trace)
    Thanks in advance!

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    For your first question - it will only add the 90. Otherwise, if you added an equip trace on another scrolled item, the attacks would stack. Above average stats are (essentially) considered the same as scrolling, but without using any slots.

    Don't know anything about AO.

  3. Default Re: Equipment traces

    Thanks a lot!



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