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  1. Question Did I Screw This Up For 9th Priming?

    I have four 2H prime scrolls left to try, each one basically 50/50 with a lucky day scroll, but the prime ones come with a nasty chance of blowing it up if they fail, which means I need to use shield scrolls, but I noticed today that in the Cash Shop the shielding wards say they won't work on something that's been enhanced 12 or more times... which I presume they mean star enhancements... so does that mean I'm S.O.L. here with prime scrolls? And, if so, what's the next best thing? Regular 9th anniversary scrolls?

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    On a weapon of this level, spell traces give better stats than regular 9th anni scrolls.

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    Only 15% success chance though... guess I'll just have to use a lot of clean slates. Are there any good upcoming scrolls that might be better? Like for the 10th anniversary?

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    There haven't been any better scrolls since primes and Nexon is seemingly phasing scrolls out entirely for the pomegranatety spell trace system.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think there are going to be any better scrolls than primes. I would recommend using the 15% spell trace scrolls. If you manage to get both to fail, attempt to blow up your sword by star force enhancing it beyond 12 stars. When the equip blows up from star force enhancements, the stars will get wiped. Then you can clean slate the sword and attempt to prime scroll it.
    Also, don't enhance weapons before fully scrolling them, since they only gain 1 + floor (attack/50) attack per star, so your sword essentially has 7 less attack than it could optimally have.

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    Slightly costly approach, having to buy another sword, but I guess that's the only real solution... I guess there's also a pretty good chance it could just lower it by one star if it fails and not blow up... although with my spectacular luck I'm guessing I should get the second sword just in case.

    Oh, wow, I got lucky! :D

    It lowered it by one star and didn't asplode, so now it's at 11 stars... so I'm guessing that means I can use the shield scrolls... too bad I wasted all those clean slates but... meh, suppose it could have been a lot worse.

    Thanks for the tip about the star enhancements!



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