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  1. Default Anyone else having trouble harvesting?

    On my corsair, I keep getting the "you cannot collect it message" with every kind of vein/herb I want to harvest, and I don't see a bug like this on the bug list. Anyone else having this problem?

    edit: Seems like my character is starting the harvest animation, then quits and cannot harvest.

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    Default Re: Anyone else having trouble harvesting?

    When you attack monsters, do they show their HP bar and name?
    If they don't (even when you set your System Options to show those things), then try doing a full shutdown and restart of your computer.

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    Default Re: Anyone else having trouble harvesting?

    happens to me its normal i think, nothing wrong with u. i just keep spamming harvest and it eventually works

  4. Default Re: Anyone else having trouble harvesting?

    High latency is a cause of this problem. Usually what I do is I let it fail the first time (finish the animation and nothing happens), wait a brief moment, then try again. It's a bit hit-and-miss, but usually works after 2-3 times. I find that changing locations/moving around doesn't help at all, if anything it instead makes it worse because every attempt will fail.


  5. Default Re: Anyone else having trouble harvesting?

    The hard restart of my computer fixed it, among other problems I was having with the game, such as my Broadside skill not working properly and quest helper being buggy.

    Thanks everyone.

  6. Default Re: Anyone else having trouble harvesting?

    Usually you have to do a hard restart to get it working again. It often affects other things too, like you won't be able to chat right away, like the first three or four times will fail and when you press enter nothing will happen. Sometimes your skills can be messed up too and sometimes the shop environments are all screwed up (with shops merged together and it's usually impossible to get an open spot).

    Sometimes just resetting the game fixes those types of problems, but usually you have to do a hard restart. And in some cases you have to just reinstall the entire game from scratch... although usually it's good to do that anyway at least once a year as it seems to cut down on such problems.



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