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  1. Default EMS V108 | Flame Wizard Awaking!

    1. Blaze Wizard Remake
    2. Mystic Gates
    3.Party Quests and Friends UI REMAKE
    4.Boss UI Remake
    5.Boss Entry Level Update
    6. Tower of Oz Changes
    7. World Selection Screen
    8. Commander Mask Event
    9. Sweet Like Honey Event
    10. Red Leaf High
    11. Freud’s Journal Event

    1. Patch Notes:


    2. Event notes:


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    3. Cash shop Updates



  2. Default Re: EMS V108 | Flame Wizard Awaking!

    What? How is EMS not shut down yet?

    I did not think the server had the 5 or so whale size spenders that kept it alive (like GMS).

  3. Default Re: EMS V108 | Flame Wizard Awaking!


    This update is from weeks ago, we are currently at 109 already....why are you posting this?

    And @CarrionCrow, EMS is very much not dead, in fact it is more active than a while ago. As for the big spenders...we got about 10~ of those. In fact, what makes you think EMS would be dead in the first place

  4. Default Re: EMS V108 | Flame Wizard Awaking!

    I don't know, it has always been some what of a second rate server, possibly only beaten by BMS in that regard. I never thought it would be active enough to thrive looking at the sorry state of GMS.



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