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  1. Default Type-0 HD trailer released

    Pros: March of this year for JP version (and maybe EN version? newsletter wasn't clear)
    Con: Now I have to get a PS4 too ;_;

    Lucky for Sony, this is alone is a console seller to me, it's my favorite FF by a longshot. Unfortunately, Xenoblade X is also a console seller, so I now have to get 2 current gen consoles.

    Also, I realize that is the literal translation of "Suzaku", but they still should not do that.

    Another thing I didn't realize is FFXV is going to be multi part, but according to the snippet at the end it seems like it will be?
    edit: nevermind, I re-read the email, it's just a pre-episode, I guess a demo of sorts.

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    Default Re: Type-0 HD trailer released

    I wish it was for PC T.T.

  3. Default Re: Type-0 HD trailer released

    Trying to find info / do research on this game isn't doing me any justice if it is worth buying or not.

  4. Default Re: Type-0 HD trailer released

    I can answer questions about it, I put about 300 hours into the PSP version and am willing to put that much into this release as well.

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    Default Re: Type-0 HD trailer released

    May be time for me to finally get a PS4. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    From what I read, you get a ~2-3 hour demo of FFXV bundled with Type-0 HD. Now here's hoping the Last Guardian gets finished sometime during my lifetime.

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    I'll actually just put my description of the game here anyway, just saying this first;

    anyway, here's what I have to say about the game:

    It's real time ARPG combat, highly dependent on iframes; most end endgame stuff will do massive damage so cure skills only go so far. Characters with long iframe skills can be used if you want a semi-easymode (though the game is not easy, the highest level dungeon on the lowest difficulty was a 3 hour run for me, over an hour of which was the boss, in fact, I hear HD is getting a "very easy" mode because people complained so much. The difference between lowest difficulty and highest difficulty is all mobs +50 levels, dungeon can only be soloed instead of taking in full party with up to 8 backups, and all monsters have haste/aura/trance, effectively tripling their already massively boosted damage and giving you much less time to react...and new attacks on most of them)

    14 characters, all with massively different playstyles. You won't like all of them, but I can assure you that you will love at least 3-4, which is enough for a frontline party.

    Spells are the biggest new system in the game in my opinion; they come in the traditional -e -a -aga but charging them over time, but they also do other things; certain characters get talents where they can cancel directly into -a and eventually -aga, for one thing, but even bigger is the spelltype system. Generic spells come in RF (single shot), RF2 (usually a triple forward shot), SHG (shotgun), SHG2 (larger shotgun), ROK/ROK2 and MIS/MIS2 which I never used but one is homing missiles and the other is high damage no homing missile that puts down a floor dot on 2, BOM/BOM2 which is an aoe around character (2 gives a long lasting heavy floor dot). Aside from these there are further tiers of generics that do much more damage. You obtain magic types by clearing missions, the top tier of which are incredibly difficult/almost impossible. Then there's the SP/Unique spells like Ultima, Meteor, Death, et cetera, which are all gotten from incredibly difficult S.O (special operation, a way to make the game much harder for much higher rewards, but if you fail you immediately are struck by a 1shot attack). Inside spells I would include eidolon summons, which in this game are summoned by sacrificing your own life (the main cast are special, everyone else in the game actually dies permanently when they summon, but that's a part of the overall world lore that I will be getting to later).

    Game is set in Fabula Nova Crysallis, but they actually did it correctly in this instance. The game is also based on Pulse, which is one of the reasons the game has a much more grim atmosphere. l'Cie are few and far between and fal'Cie presumably take no hand whatsoever in humanities affairs, instead giving the great crystals the control of the planet. l'Cie are immortal but generally only live a few years before they die in battle/are assassinated by another country's l'Cie, with only a couple in the lore living into the hundreds. You collect their Pyroxenes as a sidequest, which are crystallized l'Cie memory remnants, so you can learn about every l'Cie in the lore (including many mentioned in the game itself/people you suspect throughout were l'Cie). I'd say first playthrough will take around 30 hours, second playthrough is mandatory as it adds in a LOT of new story content, and the game is done in such a way that this works, which is all I can say without spoiling a ton of pomegranate. I'd say you will need to be at NG+++ in order to unlock all the missions if you were 100% on point, and probably more if you don't know exactly what to do. Personally, I found replayability to be amazing, since every playthrough unlocks more scenes/stories/sidequests/main quests, and if you want all the spells I think you need to be on NG+6.

    The PSP version had online, this one will NOT, meaning, all of the spells and accessories which were the strongest in the game by far are going to be distributed amongst offline quests. They have the room to add those in, since a few of the hardest instances on Impossible don't have unique S.O rewards currently in the PSP version. Expect to grind, I was level 81 at 300 hours in, but after a certain point grinding will no longer give the returns needed to beat the highest level things, only skill. Many enemies in the Impossible modes of the hardest instances can only be DAMAGED with Killsight, with normal hits doing 1 damage where they have hundreds of thousands of HP and can 1 shot your party. Killsight is broken down into yellow and red, yellow being a crit and red being a 1shot. YOUR CHARACTER CAN BE KILLSHOT, and in fact some of the hardest monsters WILL debuff you with an instant Killsight.

    You don't have to run through story to access missions, once you unlock them, you can access them from the main menu, which is very nice since in the story missions are inaccessible after 1 try per playthrough. Difficulty is broken down into normal, hard, and impossible, where you need to clear the previous before unlocking the next.

    If you really want to know a lot more about the game, here is a googledoc.

    if you don't understand anything from it, I can answer, I did just about everything in the game except Dragon Nest Impossible (which is legit impossible without online accessories and spells) and one other mission on Impossible, and I didn't do any of the online stuff obviously which means I missed quite a few spells/summons/accessories ;_;

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    I've had my PS4 for months with no interesting games, but after seeing this on and later looking up a few videos on youtube, I decided to grab this ASAP when I have some money to spare. Looks like a few good games(imo anyway) are releasing for PS4 this year. Cannot wait.

  8. Default Re: Type-0 HD trailer released

    I preordered the collectors edition of this last week. Pretty good stuff!

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    The OST alone is probably worth it, but the 200 page worldbuilding manga and the artbook definitely help. I did kind of scratch my head at the 200 dollar lapel pin though.

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    Mine was only $99 but ok o.o

  11. Default Re: Type-0 HD trailer released

    The CE is 100, the lapel pin is sold separately for 200 according to the site.

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    It's because the pin is made of sterling silver (925 silver). 1 US Ounce costs about $13. IDK how much they're using per pin but it could be weighty and costly.

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    I'd love to get one of those Vermillion Peristylium lapel pins, but $200?!?

    I'm a fan, but that's too much for me.



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