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    Been a long while since I last posted a thread.

    I advise those of you who haven't watched Black Heaven's story videos and/or don't know the actual storyline behind it NOT to read this, as it contains spoilers.


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    Dont forget that all boss in game can be killed as many as player want to, it's kimd of unfair to make boss 1 time killable because it's the point of the game, be able to kill boss too

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    You're just having recurring nightmares about that boss fight.

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    Or maybe that is NOT the real Suu but just a clone.

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    Nah, it's just that each REAL story should have an ending. This one did, but only partly since the Lotus threat remains even after you kill him.

    As Darkfaith pointed out, yeah, maybe it'd be a little unfair compared to the rest of the game's bosses. But they didn't make a 'story mode' for nothing. Maybe this should've been more "story" and less "maple" for once. Or they could've just explained to us the presence of a recurring Lotus. That's also the point of this thread: maybe someone who has completed the korean questline can tell us. Are there any interesting quests after the final battle in Black Heaven?

    That aside, yeah, I also don't like his stronger post-storyline pay2win version

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    It's simple: Canonically, the "Hard Mode" doesn't exist. You fight Lotus, Gelimer kills him, then you kill Gelimer. That's it.

    I swear, what is with people looking for story explanations for things like being able to fight bosses over and over again when the story says they're dead characters being able to run stages that they didn't join the cast yet for or things of the sort when there is none?

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    I thought I was reading on Max's blog, and I could be wrong about where my source of information is coming from or if I actually read it, that Suu keeps coming back because he's now bound the the black mage so his body is simply a vessel of power and you simply defeat it and eventually the power returns or something like that. It doesn't explain the first stage but it could be just the soul of a boss lingering in an area or something.

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    Yea I know what you mean. Its like when I come back from a quest to brutally torture the children of relocate the local monster population and the things tell me how everything is better. But it isn't better. I SWEAR NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Yet they keep going on like it is. It is almost like this place is for someone's amusement. Almost like it is ... it is ... one of those read it yourself adventure books! But one of those bad ones that keeps taking you back to page 12 where you have sneaking suspicion that the mailman is a werewolf.

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    THAT is a good explanation! At least it doesn't feel as incomplete as I thought.

    This might be another reason we might never see a fight against Black Mage himself, since he's like.. the explanation of the (persisting) existence of most Maple bosses.

    .. or maybe we will?
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