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    Lightbulb [Cross-World Auction House] Item Trade Between Servers - Move to appropriate section

    To rectify the issue of me having a hopeless chance of getting the Aquarius Crown in my server:
    Due to the fact that there are only 7 people that made it to floor 31+ in my server, of which only 2 possibly 3 still do the tower of oz daily, I have no reasonable chance to obtain that hat that I so badly want or need for my character. My only shot at obtaining it reasonably would be to either have it placed in the marvel machine, placed into rank 1 and 2 ring boxes from Oz, or to allow trading between servers. Trading between servers would keep the the item as rare as meant to be, allow me a very good chance to obtain it from players that got it in other serves and also allow many players to access other items (clean or enhanced in some fashion) that they wish to obtain but cannot due to items being in other servers. This would also help classes such as mine (Demon Avenger) to have a better market to sell their equips to when quitting or switching equips/classes or even just FINDING gear with high %hp (most people instantly re-cube when they get hp).

    I'm sure many people would agree and love to have trade between servers for more reasons than what I would want or need. As such I propose that there be a system implemented that allows for people to request and also list items that they wish to buy / purchase and leave notes as to the stats they would like on an item if requesting purchase of an enhanced and/or potentialed item. Also the system should allow for purchase of items with various payment options and methods. For mesos, the system should require that the player deposit a sizable % of the total amount bid and have such an amount when bidding on an item. Also it should allow for a coupon system or some other reasonable method to allow for buyers to bid over 10 billion mesos on an item and to transfer such amount of mesos. The buyer would recieve a coupon , code or an in game notification to allow them to recieve a coupon or code to redeem the mesos in parts from either Donald(give that hobo a job), from visiting the cash shop or possibly some new interface designed for it.

    Players should be allowed to also use NX to purchase items, because frankly, some players are just swimming in seemingly endless pools of mesos and have no need for more. With NX purchases the buyer must also have a sizeable percentage of the nx bid on the item on hand to use as collateral to assure that it is a serious bid. For the seller of the item they would not recieve nx but instead a coupon or code for maple points. I would prefer a code that requires confirmation of the account to allow the seller to recieve that amount on other accounts that they have once they verify that the other account is their own for cases where they obtained an item that is tradeable only with a platinum scissors of karma that would be very inconvenient to trade to the main account and then trade to the buyer.

    A lay-a-way system would also be a great addition to the this as it would allow for people to purchase items as they save up funds. As a method of implementing this, the item being purchased would be held by the system until the agreed upon sum is completely paid. The seller would receive a code to allow them to obtain the deposited payments as they are made both for NX or mesos trades. A barter system should also be allowed for cases where a player would like to switch classes / weapons or for whatever reason wishes to obtain some other item(s) in exchange for their sale item. An Auto-Win System should be put in place for this along with a manual selection for the seller to either let the highest nx or mesos bidder win or to choose who they wish to trade with.

    Please voice opinions on approval and or changes in this and petition hard for this to be implemented please. I don't have much hope of getting my hat otherwise; or selling my equips when I eventually quit my Demon Avenger or MapleStory for that matter.

  2. Default Re: [Cross-World Auction House] Item Trade Between Servers - Move to appropriate sect

    Or they could just make the free market cross worlds.

  3. Default Re: [Cross-World Auction House] Item Trade Between Servers - Move to appropriate sect

    One of the reasons MTS was closed was because it made it so easy for dupers to propagate their pomegranate across all the servers and ruin them all at once, instead of just the server they're located in.
    The star planet hack (that was just patched) let hackers move equips/setup across servers - Bellocan saw a large influx of duped nebulites for the first time in years that I can remember.

    Cross world trading is just bad news all around, IMO.

    I think you should do what most people I know do - give up hope of ever having certain items that other servers have. Nobooms were 8b+ each before Marvel. Very expensive to enhance tyrants past seven. Ryude swords still don't exist here. Good nebs (besides the recent influx of duped ones) don't exist here (I had to pay 14b for 25% boss lol). And forget about getting enough 4%stat nebs here.

    Best of luck in getting your crown.

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    Default Re: [Cross-World Auction House] Item Trade Between Servers - Move to appropriate sect

    Following on what Marksman Bryan said: I suggest you just do whatever you would have down if the Crown didn't exist in the game.
    Get the next best hat.
    If a Crown should appear, you can then replace your hat.



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