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    ## Updated at 3:58PM EST on 2/16/15, Reason: Error On Loading Ramdisk BugFix ##

    So I created this script because I was tired of my friends asking me to fix their maple for them. Basically what this script does is creates a ramdisk using imdisk, moving skill.wz into the ramdisk, and symlinking it back into maplestory directory. It also creates a startup task to automatically load the ramdisk back into memory when the computer restarts. Script is Licensed under MIT License.

    Prerequisites: 7-zip installed.

    Credit to BetaLeaf.
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    Note: This will not change a single thing for you unless you have enough ram to do it in the first place.

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    I considered informing people of this being an option...

    But when people come to me with MS problems and this is their computer

    I dare not think of a ramdisk as a solution to their problems.

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    @MuscleWizard, Yes you need at least 1gb of ram free to use this. You can also refer to my reddit post.

    @Zelkova, Yea This solution isnt for you sorry. You dont have enough memory for your OS, MapleStory, and Ramdisk to run simutaniously. You need at least 4gb and even then you will need to close background apps. I recommend at least 8gb, as this is what I personally use.
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    << I know what a ramdisk is, I know how it functions, and no that isn't my computer. I run ms tech support for a few people and i was showing you a computer I recently had brought to my attention.

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    Those stats just make me sad

  7. Default Re: Fix for Skill-based Lag

    How can someone seriously run a computer like that ._.

    I'm right at the index's max capacity for most categories and I STILL feel my computer is pretty inadequate. Can a computer like that even run Microsoft Word?!

  8. Default Re: Fix for Skill-based Lag

    yea it made me weep too.

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    Default Re: Fix for Skill-based Lag

    And I thought my 5 year old comp was bad...
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