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    If you guys need any help let me know, honestly most places will do them for free as long as you dont have schedules such as A which is most common with college students. Currently do not use turbotax, there's a huge investigation going on as there's rampant identity theft occurring from people using turbo tax.

    These are the websites that offer free tax forms on the federal level. State by state will be different but my first place to check is your state comptroller website, they will most likely offer a free filing service for you.

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    I'll be filing with h&r block online this year. I found them last year when i was searching for somewhere that can process my youtube payments (which count as royalties) without me having to pay for some obscene business tax processing package. Works pretty well!

    If you're like everyone else pretty much and only have a plain old W2 then taxslayer is pretty fast and easy.

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    Be careful with H&R block, all of their tax regulations are from 2007-2009. I found this out when I was arguing with them about laws that changed back in 2011, on multiple occasions with walk-ins. Taxslayer was the best program in 2013 I think

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    Thanks for the info. Appreciated

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    Woo-hoo, glad I randomly picked the better one to use last week.

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    you and pretty much anyone I've asked about where I'm at has said use tax slayer.
    didn't know that turbo tax had that identity theft thing though. o_o



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