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  1. Question Tyrant Glove help

    Hi, my main char is a lvl 210 angelic buster. I recently scrolled myself a tyrant altair glove.
    it has these stats:

    74atk, 127 dex. 15% max crit. 6% all stats. third line is garbage. bonus stats are: 11atk, 1 dex for every 10 levels and 2% all stat. I also put a 4% neb on it (se does not work for angelic busters using star gazer skill, so that was the only option). I have dSI on a second glove.

    My question is does this glove compare to the dojo gloves? especially the top 10 glove and the hero glove?
    What would I need to add to surpass those if I don't already?

    Other pertinent info:
    I have 100% crit. my min/max crit is 81% - 125%.
    boss % = 220 w/ an additional 20% total dmg
    atk % = 87%

    13733 total dex clean.

    Thanks so much for any help anyone can give me


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    Until the math people show up, you can look at this thread:

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    @AshleyAttacked; Your clean attack and % dex are needed for accurate calculations. Please post them. Also post which Dojo glove you intend to compare to. I'm assuming rank 2-10 since you're an AB.

    Edit: Which glove were you using when you gave your stats? It'll be easier for whoever does this if you mention your stats without a glove.

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    Was using the tyrant glove at the time.

    With no glove:

    12,709 dex clean


    411% dex

    220% boss

    If by my 'attack' you mean range, I'm really not sure. It's well over 2m~2m clean.

    I'm trying to compare against both the top 10 glove and the hero glove.

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    He means weapon attack, ie you count up the attack on your weapon, armor, set effects, character cards, etc

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    Ah, ok.

    I have, without any glove on, 1,081 attack.

    I also just recubed my glove to 15% min crit and 9% dex.

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    I'm assuming that's before %attack

    I'm gonna break things up into simple multipliers to your DPS without a glove so that it's easier to understand. This is based on a generalizing the damage formula to Attack*Stat*CritMult*(Total+Boss)*Constants. Substat has a very minor effect, so you may wish to use a spreadsheet to calculate with perfect accuracy. I'm also going to ignore the minor stat additions from inner ability and character cards and assume all of your stat is affected by potential.

    Assuming your stats are 2487 dex and 1081 attack before potential. I'm pretty sure Angelic Burster has a lot of total damage from passives and skills that you didn't mention, so the dojo gloves probably have less of an impact than what I calculate.

    Hero Glove

    Top 10

    So for you, Hero > Tyrant > Top 10.
    Again, I'd like to state that this is without considering your AB's %Total from skills, passives, links, hypers, etc. When Taken into consideration, the effect of Dojo gloves is lessened. For example, assuming AB has just 40% TD

    Tyrant gloves also have the advantage of giving you the same overall damage increase against normal mobs.

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    Wow, thank you so much for the answer. That's exactly the info I was looking for. =)

    Thanks so much.



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