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    extreme hype out of control omg

    Can i bet the new mascot is called Neko, and its localized name will be Kitty/Catastrophy to go with the superhero theme

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    Cat's name is Morgana.

    Also they're thieves.

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    The mascots a girl this time? :O


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    The menus are really cool!

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    Can't wait for this to come out in Europe in 2019!

    The art style and direction in the game looks majestic. Hopefully they do something about the crappy dungeons that P3/4 had. The trailer has me hopeful at any rate.

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    Felt like an acid trip. Catchy song though.

    I wonder if the masks are how they summon their Personas in this game.

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    I was getting a bit tired of all the non-articles leading up to this trailer but it was worth it. Best thing I have seen this year and probably will be for a long time.

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    Like i have been saying since i saw the trailer, i would gladly give my firstborn to be able to play it on PC.

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    S'been a while, few delays, including the delay we got now out of 2016 with that, Atlus has announced an actual release date. Feb 14, 2017.
    It also got a sweet looking CE announced with the release date reveal.

    Kinda sad it doesn't have the figurines that the JP collector's edition got, but oh well.

    I recently started getting on this series, since I can get most on my Vita, currently going through P3P to get used to the JRPG+simulation gameplay(and get used to skill/item/persona/etc names) for when 5 comes. :B

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    Well this will be the furtherest back I've ever pre-ordered something. Thank you based Amazon for not charging a dime until it ships.

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    Feels bad not having a PS4, but I'm just glad to finally have a release date.

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    No dual audio. Not that it matters to me, I didn't enjoy P4 so I wasn't planning on playing this anyway, but even the localizers have hopped onto the "why don't you just learn Japanese?" train now, the tweet one of them sent out was a really condescending "back in my day" type thing. As if learning JP is easy, especially for the SMT series where even native Japanese speakers hate some of the pomegranate they do, I think SMT IV in particular used a pomegranateload of kanji just to look cooler; if games didn't use kanji learning JP would be a viable option but that's not how it works.

    On one hand, the game does have 6-7 A-high A VAs, notably Nana Mizuki, but on the other, even top end VAs in Japan are not paid anywhere near on the same scale as actors in the US are, so their "monumentally large obstacles" or whatever the pineapple they are calling it is basically just them being skinflints, especially when they know this is a high selling series worldwide, P4G sold something like 1.4M just on the pineappleing Vita of all things. Unless it's a british EN track on the level of Xenoblade Chronicles, I just don't care about EN tracks anymore to the extent that I won't buy the game...which again, is irrelevant in this case, because I don't really like any of the Persona's except 3.

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    I can see it being like IFI did with Neptunia V2, enough fans ask for it, and they give it to us as free DLC. Can only hope though.



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