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Thread: DJ Sona

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    Wonder if her in-game visuals will look this good; if hair colour changes respectively to her current/latest used aura? Definitely liking the transparency on her hair if they do indeed use the visuals in the teaser clips.

    Not sure if I like the Daft Punk-esque helmet all that much, was hoping/expecting the type of headphones in anime images.

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    Kinetic is my favorite hands down.

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    I came here to see if people were peaching about Sona getting the ultimate skin instead of their beloved Matser Yi / Zed / any assasin, as many are everywhere else.

    oh and...


    The headphones kind of are there, they are just hard to see because they seem like part of the helmet.
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    Yea, they're there, just not sure if I like the helmet style that much.

    In other news:
    Seems to be on PBE; however, disabled due to bugs.

    It's 3 "different skins" which you can switch between via CTRL+F5 or /toggle, each with variations of equalizer effects.

    EDIT: A more comprehensive post:
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    I'm sorry but Ethereal seems like a total waste to me. There are like 20 sub genres within electronic music and they pick one that sounds like elevator music...

    Edit: I just heard the 3 full tracks and...

    Kinetic and Concussive rock.

    Etheral still sucks

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    Ethereal is my second favorite after Kinetic. It's like chillstep. I love it. I'd ride in elevators all day if they played this.

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    I like Concussive > Kinetic > Ethereal, but all of them are cool. I wonder how many people will buy the damned skin without ever realizing they can /toggle

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    I love the looks of Ethereal, but I love the music of Kinetic. Dat League theme remix. hnng.

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    Sona's dance is an anime reference isnt it? can anyone tell me which is it?

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    My list is the exact opposite of yours.
    Is it shameful that this was reason enough to finally pick up sona and "learn to play her?" Even Pentakill sona wasn't enough for me.

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    Pentakill Sona is just sona with a different look. And Arcade Sona is an old epic skill so its quality isn't that good anymore. Despite having many this is her first trully innovative skin.

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    I still like my Guqin skin more, but I'll gift it to my girlfriend, since she really enjoys playing Sona.

    Also, an excuse to look at that ass. : P

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    I love troll building AP bruiser Sona/Nami in normals. Manamune, ROA's, Death Cap, Lich Bane, Rylai's, and Liandry's Torment.

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    Why manamune?

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    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
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    AA procs. idk about sona, something about power chord? But nami has her E, gives autos m.dmg and slows. probably the greatest troll idea I've ever heard of and have yet to try...

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    concussive is too heavy, ethereal is too light

    kinetic > all



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