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Thread: DJ Sona

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    I feel like building Muramana over Seraph's or another AP item just isn't efficient. More AP would mean bigger Lich Bane procs and more heals/damage on spells, I don't see the point of the sustained mana drain from Muramana.

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    this peach out

    got dam it's satisfying playing as her. now I just gotta learn how to play every lane as sona so I can make the skin worth it `-`

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    Take her into the jungle. Nothing beats beating wild creeps like fresh beats.
    this message not paid for by Beats by Dr. Dre

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    I feel you guys have the wrong idea of what being a troll in league of legends means. If you're playing to win and you're working together with your teammates then you're doing a good job... Unless you are the support and decide not to build sightstone, that pomegranate is the worst.

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    Nidalee "support" pre-rework in a nutshell.



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