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    Default Pokemon Warriors

    I saw this morning that Masuda said he'd be open to the idea of Pokemon Warriors, or Pokemon Musou:
    After how great Hyrule Warriors was/is, the idea interests me. And since we are all Pokemon nerds here, I thought it might be interesting to come up with some ideas of how a game like that could work.

    The way I see it is like this:
    You play as a trainer, for example, Steven, Cynthia, Red, various gym leaders, elite four ect, and your attacks vary depending on the pokemon team they have. So essentially instead of a traditional weapon, they have a team of pokemon.

    For Steven, one of his attacks could be sending out Metagross to use Iron Head or something,

    You could also create a custom trainer and build a team of pokemon, rather than playing as the characters with pre-defined teams.

    It would be interesting if there were missions where you "catch" an opposing army of pokemon and from then on you can customize your army with the various pokemon you have caught (for example, swapping out your army of Pikachu's for an army of Meowth)

    That's my idea. Anyone got any more? :P

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    Default Re: Pokemon Warriors

    Hmm, I'm not quite sure how he envisions "not too violent". I'm curious if he thinks hyrule warriors (as is) would be too violent if replaced with pokemon.

    Edit: this is in comparison with dynasty warriors which iirc. appears somewhat more violent than hyrule warriors.



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