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  1. Default Attack on Titan Medals

    Has anyone gotten one of the Attack on Titan content medals yet, and does it go into the Medal UI?
    Ug. I can't be the only medal collector seriously dreading farming these five.

    Any ideas on where the Humanity's Strongest comes from also?

  2. Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    I have gotten a Scout Regiment medal and that medal does store into the Medal UI. I am not sure if the Humanity's Strongest medal could be in one of the reward boxes. I will keep on the lookout for that medal even though it is time limited.

  3. Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    So no AoT medals are permanent? If that so I'll go to Tiger and Dragon one.

  4. Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    I see that we have some hot week boxes in the extractions. Think there's a good chance to get one of the medals out of them?

  5. Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    Somehow I get the feeling those boxes are for this event though:

  6. Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    Probably a good assumption that it's also from the Badge Box.

    I haven't gone on to check, but is the Badge Box obtainable with both types of coins?

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    Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    They nerfed tiger and dragon medals as well.



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    Default Re: Attack on Titan Medals

    A friend of mine received it straight from an S box, not a badge box. Assuming it's only available in S+? I've been farming runs all day, getting ridiculous as to how low the chances are to get them



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