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  1. Default Hard Magnus Glitch Bug Report

    Hi all!

    Just made a new bug report thread detailing the Hard Magnus glitch where the game assumes you've reached 0 lives and begins raining down meteors like no tomorrow, as well as addressing the some-what outdated hacker deterrents of having to wait 15:00 for drops and needing a minimum of 3 people in the map when Magnus dies. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who cares strongly about seeing the glitch fixed or these drop requirements changed could drop a comment on the thread to show your support! I know it isn't the most likely scenario that Nexon will take action on it but I figured it's worth a shot :)

    [BOSS ISSUE] Hard Magnus Glitch and Drop Requirements

    Thanks for your time and have a great day!

  2. Default Re: Hard Magnus Glitch Bug Report

    The game doesn't assume you've run out of lives, that happens when all party members have been dead at once for too long. It mostly only happens to people who try to abuse binds(bind>Attack till it ends>die>wait for cooldown>repeat), I've been on enough runs to know this is the reason, not some random error in the coding. Only other time it may happen is if magnus' aggro glitches, and he stops moving/attacking, fix mentioned down there in parenthesis.
    Calling that or the 15:00 timer wait a glitch is stupid. I'm not against the latter being removed(all the advancements in equipment make it easier to finish before 15min anyway), but why remove a system that prevents abuse?

    I'd rather they remove the 30min penalty between runs, that just makes it a hassle for when magnus does glitch(which is usually fixed by having a party member attack him once, just like when empress glitches).

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    Default Re: Hard Magnus Glitch Bug Report

    To fix any sort of trouble with Hard magnus is to go in, suicide and just wait for the timer to go down.
    If you can kill it in 6 minutes then revive at 21 if you can kill it in 10 then revive at 25 etc etc.
    As long as no one has touched Magnus before you die, he can't glitch (unless someone laggs).

    So pointers be :
    -to not lagg ()
    -suicide without touching Magnus
    -start attacking when the timer has gone down

    I've been doing it this way for over 2 months 4x per week now and I have experienced being kicked out only once due to a person lagging and d/cing afterwards.



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