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Thread: ORAS or XY?

  1. Default ORAS or XY?

    I'm kind of curious, guys. Out of the two pairs of games released for Generation VI currently, which do you prefer?

    I personally think XY is superior. I don't know what it is, but I'm always so much more into playing it compared to ORAS. Even when I had beaten the game and done Looker's story, I still felt compelled to play it, even if it was just running around doing pretty much nothing in Kalos. The same could not be said for ORAS. Though ORAS had some nice quality of life improvements (flying to routes?), I felt on the whole it was just a wasted opportunity.

  2. Default Re: ORAS or XY?

    I would say XY since it was a new experience and world to explore. While ORAS was fun, it was still not really as new or fresh. Might be different fro people that didn't play the originals.

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    Default Re: ORAS or XY?

    You can say a lot of things about ORAS but the one thing that I liked in XY is the fact you can change your clothes. ._.

  4. Default Re: ORAS or XY?

    Imo, XY was definitely superior. The fact that you got to dive into 3d with a good chunk of the roster usable, with exp share making it so you could level everyone even to the point where they were strong enough to sit in the box for a bit while I trained some other pokemon. It was the first time I wasn't stuck to one party, which was awesome.

    Oras dropped the ball with no customization, super low hoenn dex and a story I've played through a billion times. The last two nothing could be done about, so I can't really say anything.

    Oras was just a rush to post game which also lacked battle frontier... sooo if I could rate these two games with one word, it would be;

    XY: Awesome!
    ORAS: Salty. (No bf, also 7.8)



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