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    (wasn't sure where to place this, it can be moved if need be)
    (I also want to try and get Words to stop throwing pomegranates in my direction!)

    When I say that cubes are the root of evil, etc, etc, I mean that 100% within the game. How players choose to spend money is up to them, I have no issue with people who purchase cubes. (this is the only misconception that I can think of)

    My criticism is focused on:
    1. I think it was immoral for Nexon to dangle that specific kind of carrot in front of players, in this specific way.
    2. The cubes shifted the weight of gameplay away from the game and into the Cash shop. (which was far more acceptable in the past)

    There is nothing wrong with getting cubes and enjoying them if the price seems fair to that person. It only catches my attention because the original game was cannibalized in a way to create the Maple of today.

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    Obviously. They found a way to make more money at the cost of sacrificing game-play involvement. Any profit-focused F2P game would make the exact same decision.

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    is it 2012 already?

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    Stop opening old wounds.

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    Game play of Maple Story is still an RPG, where you level your character and get better equipment by using your current equipment to defeat bosses. Similar to the Final Fantasy series where you need to grind for the best equipment to defeat the post-story optional bosses, or just maxing out your pokemon stats in pokemon mystery dungeon (god damn it Spinda Cafe). The period in which your equipment don't improve while you are grinding is equipment stagnation.

    Now before potential, the only way to improve equipment is by scrolling which is pretty dismal with only the 10%/30%/60%/70% scrolls, which has large gaps of equipment stagnation when your attempt to improve your equipment fails.

    Potential offers a new way for equipment to be/get stronger but at the time they were released it was either grind for the potential you want from monsters drops or pay money for cubes to skip the stagnation of equipment improvement. So essentially cubes is like time saver, you save time from having to grind, similar to pet auto loot, teleport rock, and safety charm where they also save time in their own way.

    Personally i play Maple Story by not using items that is not obtainable by grinding, and only use equipment that I personally looted by participating in bosses that I am needed to defeat, of course MTS made cube fair game since you can grind up valuable items to sell.

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    Being cannibalized is usually not a survivable injury. It means that the organism or thing got consumed in the process.

    Even though you arrived at a different conclusion on the topic than I did, I applaud you for making a thoughtful reply.

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    I really shouldn't encourage you, but technically being cannibalized and being dead aren't mutually exclusive. Cannibalizing is merely the consumption of flesh (or parts in non-living entities) by another of the same species. The cannibal is not required to kill or even eat a significant portion of the victim. If I ate half of your pinky, I would be a cannibal, and you would likely still be alive.

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    Ah yes, thank you for going into detail with that but the point I was making is that the phrase "stop opening old wounds" does not apply because the original Maplestory as we knew it, no longer exists. (hence the being eaten on, was fatal in classic Maples case)

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    I don't think you know what @Dystopiq; meant.

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    oh sick, another old maplestory/nexon ruined maplestory thread.
    god, how is this forum even still here.

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    It is not that they ruined it exactly but that they made changes without maybe fully considering the ramifications.

    Today if you ask players "What is Maplestory about?" there will be a million different answers. A lot does indeed go on inside Maplestory but if the game is not considered a grindfest first and above all else then I think something has seriously gone wrong.

    I preferred Maplestory when it was a proper grindfest. The grind and how to overcome it is what the game was about. It may sound insane to say that Maple should be a major grind but that used to be Maplestory at its heart.
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