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  1. Default Am I missing some files in Maplestory?

    First image is Easy Magnus mode and every time I die, I respawn outside instead of in the map.
    Second image is my Aran gliding mount (and cannot cancel my glide mid air) and as I get off my mount I glide like a Corsair for some reason.
    Third image is my Kaiser's Wing Beat went pass through the monsters and didn't do damage.
    Fourth image is self-explanatory.
    Fifth image is when I beaten Gollux's head, I'm stuck in this cutscene.

    And I gotten another set of problems:
    - I'm unable to see the yellow text notifications on my screen (which means I can't see my quest's progression and any elite bosses spawning)
    - Unable to mine herbs and veins (can still access the runes)
    - My Angelic Buster and Kaiser for some reason can only use their grappling hook once and then cannot use it again until i exit into another map (sometimes I can hook again, but that happens randomly)
    - Sometimes my character just stops moving indefinitely when I flash jump off randomly (can still use potions)
    - Whatever I drop my items, they don't play the sfx of me dropping the item
    - I can't see the mini hp bar and enemy name on normal monsters (and on some bosses like Ranmaru)

    I don't know why this happened all of the sudden but I'm convinced my Maplestory folder got messed up and some files were deleted or corrupted. Before I reinstall Maplestory (which I don't want to do because of my ISP's usage limit) can anyone figure out what files are corrupted or something I can do to fix this?

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    Default Re: Am I missing some files in Maplestory?

    Restart your computer.

  3. Default Re: Am I missing some files in Maplestory?

    Agreed. The fourth and fifth images are the telling clues for me. I would bet if you went into Monster Life, none of your monsters (if you have any) will be moving or receptive to Playing. Also, I would bet that the Fortune Teller at Star Planet would also give you a frozen cutscene.

  4. Electron Male

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    Default Re: Am I missing some files in Maplestory?

    If you're using Windows 8.1, which I assume you are, you have the same issue I had. You need to do a FULL shutdown of your computer and it'll fix itself.

  5. Default Re: Am I missing some files in Maplestory?

    I did what you say and so far I can hear my items actually dropping and my gliding is fixed, which led me to believe all these problems I stated above must have been resolved.

    Thank you.



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