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    I certainly laughed at the tweet.

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    Inb4 "Do you live in this area" - "I don't know"

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    I wouldn't recommend a friend. Thats my vote.

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    I'm guilty of voting for Not at all without any reason.

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    I threw in the top three reasons why I wouldn't recommend the game to anyone else.
    You really don't need to include reasons. The main things plaguing the game have been around for years and have zero chance of ever being fixed.

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    its far too late for any "fix" for the game. the games trend declined and should have been fixed years ago. Only way to "fix" it is to fix the high end curve, but even with that fixed, there is very little incentive to get people back into playing again.

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    Easiest survey ever. Can't even tell if this is a serious thing or not.

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    I feel like if you changed all instances of "feedback" to "money" it'd be a little more accurate.

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    A lot of the game's issues are literally unfixable--it was programmed in the late 90s in Korea, so you shouldn't expect much. Tons of stuff is client-sided, and I doubt they could do much about it without a huge codebase rewrite. Nonetheless, I still enjoy it, and feel that the game has gotten a lot better lately, what with Star Force enhancement and Elite Bosses and Maple Rewards Points. It's not the first game I'd recommend, but I think it's quite a good one despite its flaws. And if you only play casually and don't try to kill late-game bosses, there's a ton of content!

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    I don't think I quite agree on the casual part. MapleStory is a game where you gotta either spend a lot of money or a lot of time, even to get averagely good. I guess if you're willing to spend some money on it you can save yourself from having to spend that much time and enjoy the game more casually, but otherwise you'd find yourself limited in a lot of content.

    For the rest I agree. the game has got better lately compared to what it was one or two years ago. It saddens me that it took the game to get in this condition for Nexon to step up their game (ba dum phs) content wise.Look at Black Heaven and Mechanical Grave, they are examples of this top quality content that only a few of us will get to enojy because so many have moved over.

    I do think fixing the issues MS has is possible (granted very hard though). Do I think Nexon is capable of doing what it takes to fix the game? not at all, but I think that should be our answer in that survey. Maybe if Nexon is flooded with this answer, by a miracle of god they decide they are gonna prove us wrong and do something, at least to alleviate some of the problems. That'd be better than writing "the game sux I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy".

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    I would definitely say modern Maple's biggest weakness isn't its pay2winness, which has been lessened a lot (but is still very prevalent if you want to kill the harder bosses). Rather, Maple's biggest weakness is its sordid past and soiled reputation. It will be very hard for Nexon to repair their image under Owen Mahoney, and even if they put the effort in it will take a lot of time to build up an appreciable amount of good-will.

    All in all, I've been decently happy with how things in Maple and Mabi have been going lately, and I have high hopes for Tree of Savior and Maple2 (which I will probably play regardless of whether or not they're pay2win, lol). I think rather than focusing on the bad parts of the game, such as the silly economy and prevalence of botting, people should focus on the reasons they keep playing; in my case that would be the fun boss gimmicks they've introduced, like Gollux or RA, the relaxing activity of grinding along to awesome BGM, and The Pursuit of Larger Numbers (my greatest joy!). And, of course, a healthy dose of nostalgia!

    PS: Quests are cool and localization is Nexon NA's greatest strength.

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    Nexon can't clear maplestory's name until they actually fix some of the biggest issues it has, hacking being probably the worst one. I'm totally aware they can't pervent hacking from the game source code's side, but someone has to tell me why Nexon cant keep GM's online 24/7 clearing hackers out. I presume it is because half of MS population is composed by hackers which are also money whales so banning them out would mean less money for them, but this is where Nexon would have to decide (and the reason I don't think they are capable of fixing the game) wether they want to squeeze the game out of money the most they can before it dies or they prefer to invest on it to help it recover some shape and gain more money in the long run.

    Many will probably say Nexon already took the squeeze option long ago but they don't look like so when they keep asking feedback from the comunityor when they add star force enhancement, dropping and craftable cubes, reward system and such. Maybe its a charade?



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