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    Default "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Since SP community feels like kinda dead or off...
    Let's concentrate a thread were we discuss/share/complain or whatever all the upcoming MMO's.

    For me this year feels really good packed in the MMO industry.

    Having games like
    Lost Ark, Kingdom Under Fire II, Blade & Soul, Black Desert, Tree of Savior and MapleStory 2.

    What are your expectations for the upcoming games, which one are you waiting the most, which one do you think can or will fail harder?

    I mainly wanna play Lost Ark but something tells me the grindfest it's gonna be way way harder than any other.

  2. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    If blade and soul comes out, that'll probably be the last MMO I'll ever play, I might play MS2 honestly, a lot of my friends are already decided they are going to play it, or at least try it.

    I'm not really looking forward to black desert which a LOT of people compare to blade and soul, but the character archtypes are pretty boring aside from the mage, it's the same thing that killed diablo 3 for me.

  3. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Honestly B&S and Black Desert are the only things that could drag me into an mmo atm.

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    Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Probably gonna try Blade and Soul and MS2. I've been playing a lot of GW2 again for some reason, also.

  5. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    - MapleStory 2
    - Tree of Savior
    - Soul Worker

  6. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Maple 2 is the only one that has my interest thus far in terms of "new MMOs". Otherwise been sticking my guns to WoW cause Warlords of Draenor too good!
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  7. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    I am still waiting for Wonderking

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    Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    MS2 hype: 4/10, honestly :(

  9. Desk Straight Male
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    Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    The upcoming expansions to Star Wars The Old Republic are keeping me busy for most of this year. I am also going to try MS2 and keep playing a bit MS1.

  10. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    I need a new mmo to try tbh. I'm on and off with messing around on TERA rn. The best bit for me is making cute outfits n pomegranate not the combat or w/e

    i need a mmo that both me and my friend actually both like instead of playing alone all the time lol :| I ~guess~ im interested in blade & soul? thats really all i know. black desert has hot n sexy char creation but then it just looks like skyrim to me i like my cartoony fantasy > realistic.

  11. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Maplestory 2, Tree of Savior, and I want to give Mabinogi + Atlantica Online another shot.

  12. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Warframe is love, warframe is life.

  13. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Tree of savior, black desert, blade and soul all interest me. Still holding onto a little hope for cube world to move forward if you count that as an mmo

  14. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    ArcheAge was the last straw that made me not want to touch any other korean MMO due to how easy they are to hack and how little the western publisher cares about it, the last korean MMO I'll play will be MS2 and thats because I want to see the lore and the gameplay looks fun(I bet I'll quit in a month due to hackers and P2W cash shop), aside from that I'll check if the west makes any good MMO, meanwhile there's over a decade of good solo games I haven't got to play because I was busy playing MMOs.

  15. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    I'm looking forward to Blade and Soul (if it comes) and MS2. If lost ark was that overhead view one, my laptop probably wouldn't be able to handle it... I was watching the trailer and just looking at the cutscenes made me cringe...

  16. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Oh yeah, Lost Ark, it's like diablo with the classes I wanted, so I'm actually interested in this one

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    Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Only waiting on Tree of Savior and B&S

  18. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Me, I am hooked to Marvel Heroes. If Nexon had been only half as good as Gazillion, MapleStory would still be a thing. The game had a bad start but has overhauled much. If you like Marvel and Diabloesque ARPG:s you have to try it. At the moment we have 40+ playable characters from the Marvel lore.

    And being able to play as classic Venom? No more game needed, ever.

  19. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    Gonna get into Black Desert Online, and hopefully MapleStory 2 soon, via Korean friends.

    Does Southperry have a guild or community in either of the two? Or perhaps there is an English guild/community?


    (Haven't posted on SP in awhile, btw, so, hi again everyone!)

  20. Default Re: "This year MMOs" massive thread

    I have been messing around on Wakfu, it's pretty fun if you're playing with friends. The classes are also pretty varied and there's countless mechanics, the only problem is it's a little bit overwhelming and unclear when you're starting out.



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