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Thread: [Notice] Recent DDOS Attacks

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    Same message last year, and yet not a lot has changed. :\

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    Pretty sure we had this same message less than a month ago.

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    Technically he's not wrong lol.

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    There really isn't THAT terribly much they can do to stave off these constant attacks... Microsoft ended up NEGOTIATING with the attackers to get it to finally stop... that's just how bad things are right now. We have to just grit our teeth and ride it out, unfortunately.

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    Does this discard the rumor that it was being done with the purpose of duping or it actually backs it up?

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    Dude. From when I started, and even after I stopped playing maple? Nexon has managed to retain the same ethics and business practices. Such as these. For over 4 years.

    It simply isn't enough to acknowledge an issue by itself. If you mean to show your consumer that you mean to ensure quality (or anyone in any situation, really), it takes an earnest call to action. To change those bad habits and keep it that way. It isn't easy, even moreso for Nexon because I imagine there has to be a lot of corporate jargon and mumbo jumbo yatta yatta. But, I think we can all safely agree that if Nexon put an end to this terrible practice once and for all (and keep it that way), that they, Maplestory and anyone who played it could only benefit.

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    There is a public dupe but duping and DDoSing are unrelated in this case. You wouldn't receive lag from a channel crash, which is what they need to do in order to dupe.

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    The saddest part about this dupe is that the market was already such pomegranate it was barely affected in the ~3 months the dupe has been around.



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