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  1. Default Dawn Warrior Equinox Delay?

    I'm under the impression that when using equinox, there is a slight MS delay between attacks to change stances, but I can't find any information about how long this delay is. Can anyone help me out here? Is there a delay at all? Thanks for your help :3

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    Default Re: Dawn Warrior Equinox Delay?

    I'm not sure of the exact number, but there is indeed a delay when switching stances with equinox. It's a long enough delay to make bossing less efficient with equinox unfortunately

  3. Default Re: Dawn Warrior Equinox Delay?

    The delay exists because of bad ping. If you live far away from the servers, then Equinox will be unusable. My ping to the US is around ~200ms on average. On bad days it can get up to 300 or more, making my DW completely unplayable. On good days it might be around 150 or so, at which point Equinox is still highly usable.

  4. Default Re: Dawn Warrior Equinox Delay?

    My ping is 18-21 and there's still too much delay in equinox...I stick to lunar, which sucks :(

  5. Default Re: Dawn Warrior Equinox Delay?

    Equinox is just bad design in general since it constantly dispels and recasts between the sun and moon buffs. Even with <20 ping it is next to unusable and is less dps than just using lunar.



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