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  1. Default Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 (Jan. 4-10)

    Once again, the folks at Speed Demos Archive and Speed Runs Live are getting together to raise money for charity by playing games very, very quickly. This time around money is being raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to furthering research towards cancer prevention and early detection.

    Awesome Games Done Quick is a yearly event, taking place the first full week of January, and over the various marathons has so far raised a cumulative total of over $2 million for charities such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders. All of the money they receive goes directly to charity, and is streamed 24/7 on Twitch.

    You can catch the stream either on the Games Done Quick website at or on Twitch at

    You can also view the schedule, automatically adjusted to your timezone, at

    Lastly, in addition to the stream, T-shirt website TheYetee also has a number of AGDQ15-themed shirts on sale for $11 USD each. $3 of each purchase is donated towards the charity, and you can check them out at

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    The "Semi-Yearly" hype! Been reminding friends, both online and IRL, about this marathon for a couple weeks. Lots of great games on the list this time around.

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    Lot of really good shirts at TheYetee this time around too. I'm definitely grabbing the Doom Moon shirt, probably getting Save or Kill or Summ-mon as well.

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    Been looking forward to this for the past several months. And I'm off of work until the 10th, which is crazy awesome coincidence, because my plans didn't include AGDQ at all.

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    Daily reminder that Mike Uyama refuses to post an actual budget for AGDQ2015. Instead he pretends he is sick for a month to avoid answering questions about the marathon and it's shady activities.

    FACT: GamesDoneQuick LLC (GDQ) is a for profit organization.
    FACT: PCF gave GDQ $150,000 for AGDQ
    FACT: GDQ has over $30,000 in the bank.
    FACT: GDQs generate ~$20,000 in ad revenue.
    FACT: AGDQ2014 total costs were $20,560.
    FACT: Renting the convention rooms costs no more than $20,000.
    FACT: The rest of the money the PCF gave GDQ goes towards the wages of the 13 members.
    FACT: AGDQ still requires $50 per attendee. AGDQ2015 has 900+ attendees for revenue of ~$45,000.
    FACT: AGDQ2015 has sponsorship revenue.

    FACT: PCF spends only 22% of its expenses on cancer prevention research.
    FACT: AGDQ2014 donations were roughly 20% of PCFs total revenue.
    FACT: The 2013 Breakdown of Compensation for PCF:
    >Carolyn R. Aldige (PRESIDENT): $277,639
    >Janice Bresch (Exec VP): $190,000
    >Karen Peterson (Vice President): $115,949
    >Carolyn Schmidt (Managing Director): $116,205
    >TOTAL: $649,793
    FACT: Money raised from AGDQ2014 has been used to fund the development of a phone app to allow cancer patients to communicate with one another.

    FACT: GDQs partner up and hire people who use copyright material to make a profit. Example: theyetee makes a profit off nintendo intellectual property through tshirts and GDQs are getting a % of this profit.

    FACT: Other professionals have offered to help GDQ with their technical problems for free but GDQ has ignored them.

    Support the switch from PCF to MSF.

    LIST OF SOURCES: (embed)


    Please wait until SGDQ, when they sponsor MSF to donate. PCF is about "Cancer Awareness" and the majority of their money goes to sponsorships and their selves.

    Or better yet, donate to ESA when they donate all their proceedings to MSF, and personally a much more comfy and less nazi-ridden event.

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    The Mike Uyama thing sounds super tin foil hat mode. Other than that there was a pretty big topic over at /r/Speedrun over the "controversy" of PCF.

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    A company without a head is useless. Why would the head of any LLC not be reachable for any reason, at any point at all?

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    I wouldn't say useless, but it does hit pretty hard. Frankly I'm just here to watch the games. I've never donated for AGDQ to begin with so this doesn't affect me.

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    That's all the post was for, was to donate to a better cause than "Cancer Awareness". Enjoy the show by all means, just know what you're donating for.

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