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  1. Default I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    This kid needs an ass whoopin so bad that it generates scar tissue so everytime he walks he can feel the sting of regret and will be a functional member of society for the rest of his life.

    Part 2

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    Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    What exactly is Child Abuse for the american?
    To me child abuse it's when you hit your kid nonstop for no reason, when you don't give your kid his neccesities for absolutely no reason, or when you know... when you abuse them.
    These kids needs some serious hitting and grounding, and that's not abusing him that's correcting him and showing them what could expect him in the future when they behave like that, because prisons and correctionals are no joke at least in my country.
    But that's just me, also the guy holding the camera saying stupid pomegranate while recording at the fcae of the kid is just feeding the kids behavior

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    Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    @Chew; The title is just hyperbole. I'd say that we generally consider things like grounding, confiscating various stuff, and spanking (for younger children) acceptable while things like paddling and belts would be questionable for some parents. I don't think that many people would find it acceptable to "hit" children for any reason. It's obvious that this child needs discipline and is probably just doing this for attention, but that doesn't require violence beyond something to get there attention and impress upon them the seriousness of the situation.

  4. Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    The first question I want to ask was 'where were the parents'? If they didn't care enough for him to be supervised, then I think this kid has some serious mental issues developing from just that. And no, that's not to condone what he did. Vandalism is still disrespectful and pretty illegal.

  5. Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    All I can think of when seeing what he is doing is "why is he doing such a thing?", I belive that nothing does anything just because, there must be a reason behind it and by the way he was acting it must be bad.

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    Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    to mirror a comment

    where be part three at yo. cant leave me hanging about what happen after

  7. Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    How are belts "questionable" though, thats like the baseline for asian kids. The buckle is a step up but is still quite common. But even then its no where near the pain of getting caned with a rattan stick, damn that pomegranate can bleed for days.

  8. Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    Because "the experts" claim it does nothing for kids other than turn them into homicidal psychopaths with mommy/daddy issues or something like that.

  9. Default Re: I don't support child abuse BUTTTTTT

    Yeah, cause that's obviously not happening to him right there. Nope

    Seriously why doesn't his mom or dad give a pineapple to watch him and make sure he doesn't go down the road he's probably going down



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