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    Default Pokémon INSURGENCE

    The creator of Pokemon Zeta/Omicron comes back with an all new game, now complete up to the first three gyms! It doesn't seem like much...until you realize it's about 30 hours of gameplay. Oh, and don't worry, your save file is compatible with future patches. This creator has grown and matured since Zeta/Omicron, and it shows. The writing is a lot better, and I haven't seen any childish things like...swaggy Jake, for example. Like, this time around your rival is a cross between Wally and Bianca.

    This fanmade game is made with RPGmaker, so you don't need an emulator to play it. It's just an EXE that you run on Windows, but right now you'll need Wineskin to run on Macs.

    Imgur Album with Features

    Text TL;DR

    * 4th Gen Tileset, 6th gen mechanics.

    * All 721 Pokemon available, plus a few additions such as "Armored Pokemon" and "Delta Pokemon," aka Pokemon that have different typings (from the card games.) A few new Megas, too (Mega Flygon!)

    * In the Torren region, various cults rampage the area. These cults worship various legendary Pokemon, and you wake up one day with your memories being slowly erased in a cult base...

    * Pokemon follow you!

    * Harder then standard game, but that's because the AI is much better, not because of other artificial inflating. There are some complaints about the first gym being too hard, though, so you might have to grind a bit for that.

    * Gyms don't follow types, but themes, ie there is a "Forest" gym that uses both Bug and Grass Pokemon.

    * Challenges you can turn on at the beginning of the game, such as "Solo Run," "Nuzlocke," "Randomized," and more!

    * Ability to see stat changes to your Pokemon during battle!

    * Ability to see a Pokemon's IVs/EVs, and an easy (albeit expensive) way to change IVs!

    * HM items! Never worry about having a Bidoof again!

    * Customizable trainers! Hair color isn't changeable in this patch, but I've been told it'll be changed in the future.

    * Autosave, quicksave, and/or autorun!

    * Secret bases, even bigger and better than before! Now also with Friend Safaris! Wait, Friend Safaris? That must mean...

    * An ONLINE SYSTEM THAT WORKS FROM THE START! Trade, battle, and share secret bases with other people!

    * Four different starters! They are...


    Download the latest game/patch on

    Hope to see you guys there! Post questions below and chat with me on Southperry IRC if you wanna trade or battle or something, ha ha.

  2. Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Ooh, this seems pretty awesome. I'm still like a chapter behind on Reborn though :(

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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    I never liked Reborn. The best way to beat the game is to retrain an entire team after every Gym leader, which is stupid. It has a great plot, though, just that...the artificial difficulty X___X.

  4. Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Ehh, I kept the same 10 mons on rotation mostly. I started with Blaziken though, so I got to cheese through some of the more difficult battles with speed boost and bulk up. I bred to pass down moves like Ice Beam, Scald, and Earthquake and ev trained so I didn't need to build counter teams.

  5. Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Only reason you're playing it.

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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    I've been waiting for this for awhile. Unfortunately I just got my 3DS with Y and AS last week. Will be playing it though in the future.

    Legends of Arena is another fan made pokemon game, its playable until 5th gym only at the moment however, but I really like our character a lot, its far cry from the silent hero we used to.

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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Just started, nabbed the girateeny-mon, and so far enjoying walsking around with a lump of pomegranatee on me head.

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    IGN: ClawofBeta
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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    By the way guys, I got my secret base which has Synchronize Kirlias, so just visit "ClawofBeta."

    Yeah, I was also planning to play that, but I was going to wait until I beat Insurgence. Didn't want to stop in the middle of the game :P. Shame there's no female protagonists, though, and it feels a lot slower than Insurgence T.T.
    Available sometime after the first gym, but before the second gym. You don't need an emulator to run it. It's a standalone exe. Gen 4 Graphics, Gen 6 Mechanics/Pokemon.
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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Seems nifty, I'll give it a whirl

  10. Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Out of all the megas, Mega Typhlosion looks the best by far

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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Sounds interesting, lets give this a go.

    *game starts*
    cults? really?

    "These cults contain terrible, terrible people"
    "The first augur is gone, but I, a random person who called a town meeting somehow, will simply accept the role of second augur, despite not actually being qualified since the last guy got the job for beating 5 cults. Any objections to me bestowing and accepting this prestigious title on myself? no? Ok."

    Ah come on. Terrorists? We know all the teams in the main games are terrorists, the word isn't used though because.. it just isn't. This is already setting itself up to be a ridiculous grim-dark fanwank.

    Ahaha ok, let's see how far I can get down this badly written fanfiction rabbit hole.

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    Default Re: Pokémon INSURGENCE

    Did someone call for a terrorist?
    Sounds interesting. Wish i had the time.



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