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  1. Default %minimum critical equal to how many %primary stat?

    I got the explorer magic ring, it gives 20% critical damage. When I try to compare with my 18% solid gollux ring fully scrolled.

    Explorer magic ring still win in final outcome.

    Just curious what stats do i need to have in order to win explorer magic ring?

  2. Default Re: %minimum critical equal to how many %primary stat?

    Hadriel made a table in another thread. I don't feel like searching so I'll explain the math. Assuming a 100% crit rate, increasing your average crit damage by x will increase your dps by (x/avgCrit+1)*100%. Your average crit damage is simply the mean of your min and max crit. Compute this in your case.

    Ignoring secondary stats and stats from cards, inner ability, etc (they have minor impact in the damage formula), your damage is directly proportional to your %stat. We can use a similar formula. Increasing your %stat by y increases your dps by (y/%stat+100)*100%. Compute this in your case and compare. The higher of the two is better. If you want to know how much stat you need to beat the crit ring make an inequality and solve for y.

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    Well I ask so because my math is too weak to understand this.

    By the way, do you mean this Hadriel one?

    I also don't understand the chart, the title say 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 15%, but how come the chart start with 35%?
    Does the 35% means (Base% + 5 or 7.5 or 10 or 15%) = 35%?

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    See post 21 of that thread.


  5. Default Re: %minimum critical equal to how many %primary stat?

    oh great. i hope someone in this forum can compile all these info into one post.

    anyway, how to get "average"

    my minimum is 59 and my maximum is 78. the average for this is 68.5?

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