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  1. Default MP Skill Cost: -20%

    I got a Question ...

    If I have 5 equips with -20% MP Skill Cost Potential Line....

    Would that make each my attack cost 0 Mp? since it would be - 100% MP cost?

    and what happen if I go over the limit let say 6 Equip with -20% MP Skill Cost would I gain Mp after each attack instead?

  2. Default Re: MP Skill Cost: -20%

    I think it's in the same vein as the way ignore defense works, that you can never actually have skills cost nothing.

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    Default Re: MP Skill Cost: -20%

    This can be tested with two of those, equip them then cast a skill, if the MP cost is 60% of whats shown in the skill window, then its additively otherwise multiplicative.



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