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  1. Default Why is NW considered so much higher in %/s than NL?

    Ok, first of all I know charts aren't the end all be all or anything, but I do use them as a reference. Anyway getting to the chart I'm using now:

    Not sure if there is a more up to date chart but this is pretty much the most up to date chart I could find, and it's roughly inline with current GMS patch for the classes in question as far as I know.

    So if you look at this chart:

    2 Night Walker 388.89% multiplier 6726712.22% output
    19 Night Lord 146.32% multiplier 2530933.80% output

    So before we even get into the final % output, why would NW be considered as having more than double the multiplier? When checking the skills for NW I noticed something that confuses me. Other than non-sustainable hypers, NW has either the same or LESS multiplier from skills. For example, NL's Throwing Mastery gives 25% compared to NW's 20%. They use the same weapon type. I just don't get it.

    Then, regarding their actual % output, at least from what I check the RAW percentages before they are hit by other things, NW has about 600% ish per second more? This should add up over a minut but it's not a crazy increase. Maybe I still don't understand how the bat summons work but I don't see why NW is rated so drastically higher than NL on charts.

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    Default Re: Why is NW considered so much higher in %/s than NL?

    People still use DPS charts?

    Anyway, it seems like you're not accounting for the fact that jump attacking on NW makes the second throwing animation for the last star not slow you down, effectively halving its delay with perfect control and jump conditions. Bats are basically a free delayed line on every attack, just like NWs SP.

    I can't account for the large difference in that chart, but NW > NL in terms of bossing, definitely.

  3. Default Re: Why is NW considered so much higher in %/s than NL?

    Well I wasn't debating that NW was better, I just don't get why NL would be listed as having so much lower. The jump attacking info is useful though, I didn't know that.

  4. Default Re: Why is NW considered so much higher in %/s than NL?

    NW also has 50% ignore resistances, so against bosses with physical resistance they will do 75% damage instead of 50% damage. In other words if the classes did the same DPS, NW would do 50% more dps against bosses with physical resistance. Jump casting allows NW to attack roughly 1.5x as fast as NL. NW's QT is two attacks per skill input, so bats will trigger more often. NW's SP is also considered to be seperate attacks, so each press of QT is 4 attacks with a chance to trigger bats.

    The ignore resist and jump attacking are the main reasons why NW grossly outdamages NL on bosses. JoeTang's threads have pretty good explanation on where the numbers come from.

  5. Default Re: Why is NW considered so much higher in %/s than NL?

    It's been a long time since I've done any updating on any of my tables, and I might not ever get to it again. I can't recall if there have been any changes since August, but the last Night Lord change I have was from over a year ago.

    I had NW at about double NLs in 0% Defense, but the difference is lower as the defense gets higher because NL's Purge Area ignores a large amount. The Resistance wasn't considered in my charts, but it makes it significantly in favour of any Cygnus Knight over most other classes.
    The most significant aspect in their damage output difference is how NWs jump casting without Haste is so brokenly fast and how often bats shoot out in general.



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