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  1. Default Old Ability Animations?!

    Does anyone know where I can find the really old attack animations for the different job skills prior to all these changes. Like those dating back to 2009/2010

    Like the old fire mage/ice wizard, etc. og stuff.

    Kind of like how orangemushroom shows the new abilitiy animated gifs.

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    Perhaps you can look through old extractions. Orangemushroom sources his gifs from the same location.

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    Hmmm...I see the skill tables, but not the actualy animated gifs. Where do I find those?

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    Default Re: Old Ability Animations?!

    on the tables, taken from the DrK red adventurer:

    Description: Absorb Beholder, healing you and ignoring some defense and increasing damage against bosses for a certain amount of time while ignoring the cooldown of Gungnir's Descent. Permanently increases defense ignored.
    Info: type = 10, magicSteal = 1
    Delays: sacrifice - 2280 ms
    Animations: effect
    Maximum Level: 30

    effect is a link to the skill[KMS][RED]%20Adventurer%20Warrior

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    Thanks a million!

    have you guys seen other games where they have these types animated gifs? I was thinking of doing a cool maplestory fan trailer.



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