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  1. Default So what is the most poplar loadout for phantoms?

    Since they moved that bowmaster skill to tier 3 and the buff of the dark knights is 80% did the loadouts changed a lot? which skills are favored to the immpecable memory 3 and 4?

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    I'm doing surge for third still, and rapid fire for fourth. I tried hurricane first, but it's broken for phantoms; It tries activating a BM passive, I assume, because every 10 arrows or so, it spams the 'cannot use this skill with the equipped weapon' s'hit, and stops firing completely, forcing you to stutter with it, pressing down/releasing/repressing it/repeating. It was unbelievably annoying, rapid fire is the same %damage and works perfectly, go with that.

    Also, goes without saying but phantom DPS took a huge hit with the nerf bat from this. I'm doing half or less of my old damage.

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    Do you think Mille + no-CD-Final Cut can win Rapid Fire?

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    I mainly gollux, so close combat skills would get me killed while soloing eyes(I can hit it with RF while outside the range of hit 1hko). I don't do many other bosses, certainly not enough to take up my 2nd 4th job slot(which is occupied by res for the days I do choose to emp), I guess it's worth trying yourself?

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    I don't have a high level Phantom nor high% buff. Can't really test.

    Maybe someone should help do the maths for these scenarios:
    1) (Arrow Blaster*noCD-Final Cut) + (Mille Aguille*Hyper*noCD-Final Cut) + (Carte Noir*noCD-Final Cut)
    2) (Cross Surge) + (Rapid Fire) + (Carte Noir) *20% boss(maybe)

    But scenario 1 seems so much more beneficial than scenario 2.

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    From what I remember and tested, Final Cut is a 1.6x skill damage bonus. From what I know about Cross Surge, it isn't a 80% total damage buff, it's a 1.8x damage range buff, used to be 2x damage range but after the nerf it changed of course. This is compiled up from all the Drks that tested this several times in the past. Arrow Blaster (nerfed) in all honesty is even weaker than Mille Aguilles and too slow to be a benefit alone unless you're using it for special cases like Gollux. Summon duration was also nerfed by the way or broken, since it doesn't last 30 secs anymore, its more like around 25. I can't tell you whether no CD Final Cut will win over Rapid Fire unfortunately since, they perform differently. It's sort of like trying to kill Chaos vellum with Arrow blaster alone vs using Rapid fire, there's different issues involving both cases.

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    How slow is it in specific? DPS wise.

    It seems fast to me even though not as fast as previous

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    You realize in the video, its the turrent? I was more of talking about the usefulness for Phantoms, which is really low now after the nerf. The speed of arrow blaster is currently the same speed as Mille from what I remember, being at 120ms. Mille does 2 lines already and has stronger damage. When Phantoms steal any job skills it's already weaker than the original damage wise.

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    Which is why I ask for specific and ask for mathematics calculation in the first place.

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    Doesn't count because you're looking at a bowmaster's perspective, even if it actually does more "hits per second" it loses in raw damage overall. If you want DPS calculations its back to the old rapid fire vs Mille argument all over again which was proven a long time ago. If you play a Phantom, its not hard to test yourself to see how much output you are doing within the same time frame. I sincerely doubt you'd find any phantom using both arrow blaster and hurricane.

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    -oh god, I'm not asking from a Bowmaster's perspective.

    -Can't you see I am mentioning about "arrow blaster+mille+final cut"?

    -oh for god sake, can bowmaster use mille and final cut?

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    I've already gave my responses to that in the 1st post I made in the thread. Compare if 1.8x more damage range will win over 1.6x more skill damage which is what you're actually looking at. Cross Surge vs Final Cut, difference is, Cross Surge doesn't need to charge up the skill, can be auto casted, cuts off a % of damage from all mobs and most bosses, and doesn't require buff duration inner ability however, expects you to be at 100% hp most of the time if not all the time. Time saved is extra DPS already if you ask me. From there you compare whether if its worth the time to use Arrow Blaster or use Rapid Fire or use Mille, that's your final conclusion to your answer. I mentioned not to use a Bowmaster's video because:
    A) The damage is nearly half of Bowmaster's because its missing hyper and already nerfed from stolen skill
    B) Summon duration is either shorter than theirs or theirs is the same as ours (I would believe the former, but haven't went and tested yet)
    C) If they're not using both turrent and the actual skill it doesn't really show you how fast it is because Hurricane is not the same. To be honest, just apperance wise and sound effects, I'm fairly certain the actual skill itself is slower than the turrent probably because the summon is using server timings or its just nerfed in that way. I'm not going to record videos for anyone, but the difference in speed after the patch is correct.

    You know, if you had the same said no CD final cut you could just switch skills from Final Cut into another skill that you'd want to use like rapid fire after you gained the buff. The only issue being the downtime before you can use them again. Also remember that hits per second doesn't equal damage per second, I said Arrow blaster is weaker because DPS wise, its weaker, however that may not be true for HPS. I can also compare Arrow blaster vs Cross surge, doesn't matter if you use Final cut as 4th skill or not because I can also use both Cross Surge and no CD Final cut along with Mille and then I have easily have more than enough DPS compared to Arrow Blaster. The next one would be Rapid Fire vs Final cut, I never once said I gave an answer for that. I simply said there are different uses for both situations and will not go into mathematics for which would win assuming you can stand all day in 1 spot and never once take a hit from a boss (almost impossible scenario unless you're fighting stationary ones).



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