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  1. Question Class Speed Differences, Beyond Simple DPS

    Well, not just speed, but rather skill startup speed. Especially when changing directions or moving around. My main is a Dawn Warrior and, for the longest time, I guess I had convinced myself that it was just some higher level job skill or buff that was making their speed so much better than all my other mule characters.

    ...but now I got my Xenon nearly up to level 200, I've experimented with every last single buff (and combinations) and... nope, still slower than molasses! Using their skills is like trying to start up a faulty lawn mower. There's this incredibly annoying 1 ~ 2 second delay it seems like, which seems to be afflicting quite a number of different classes. Kanna I think is the worst I've found so far, especially when changing from one direction to another... it's almost like she gets briefly stuck in place when her skill is going off.

    Classes that don't have any vertical jumping are bad enough, but that 1 ~ 2 second delay just drives you nuts if you're used to a class that doesn't have it.

    That got me wondering though, I know that people have done some pretty in depth experiments into general DPS and such, so I'm wondering if anyone has done any calculations on skills as far as initial startups, mobility and ease of use.

    I know some classes try and compensate for the lag in different ways. Like Xenon can freely move around while using some skills, which definitely helps. And Zero can switch back and forth between characters fast enough that it's not really noticeable at all. So far I think the new Shade class is the only thing I've found that's as speedy as Dawn Warrior, especially as far as moving around super fast while using skills.

    I'm presuming some or most of the other Cygnus classes are probably as speedy as DW, but I'm wondering how some of the other classes stack up. Also wondering about skill improvements. Like, do some classes get better/faster when they level up higher? Most of my mules are only in the level 120 range, so they don't exactly have any hyper skills to speak of.

    Also, I do know that there are some problems with speed, especially as far as the number of hits and number of mobs attacked (and when used in party quests with other player skills). Like I had to self-nerf my DW because their skills were going so fast it would sometimes just crash the entire game. I did that by NOT using the "Divide And Pierce - Extra Strike" hyper skill.

    So any detailed information like that would also be helpful, as far as skill stability when it comes to crashing. Like Kanna's teleport skill for example... although I think they may have fixed that one.

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    Even though I don't understand what you are trying to ask speed?, crash?, stability? But to reply your thread title, best would be Mercedes, the only thing Mercedes does not have is back-dash.

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    iirc Xenons had their delays increased because they naturally have a higher range + % attack power on their skills. Us Soul Masters literally have 0 delay when not in Solunar because our % is low despite hitting as many lines as Xenons. Plus, we are the weakest Cygnus Knights around anyway, any sort of delay on our skills would be crippling, especially since they are supposed to be chained.

    Kannas are just plain terrible imo, especially since they are bugged to hell here in MapleSEA. The teleport delay just drives me crazy... despite the longer distance compared to even the post You & I mage teleport, the delay just makes it pointless.

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    Hayato so smooth tho

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    Damage calculations always take into account Skill delay and is reflected in DPM. Mobility and ease of use is a different story. the reason why you cannot easily calculate that is simply because of too many extraneous factors such as how a map is oriented (e.g some class have high jumps, and are more successful in vertically oriented maps, attacks have different ranges). At that point is just semantics but no real calculations can be done because of not being able to standardize the skillset, as the average KMS player is probably more skilled than the average GMS player.



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