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  1. Default How hard is to farm a green MPE potion?

    I'm kind of lazy person, I have never done any MPE before.

    1)So just curious that what level range is need in order to enter?
    2)Do I need ticket or something to enter?
    3)Usually how many round to get 1 green MPE potion without any drop rate multiplier?

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    Default Re: How hard is to farm a green MPE potion?

    Level 100-140.
    You need a ticket to enter.
    Spiegelette gives you 3 free tickets every day, and will sell you additional tickets for zebra ticket pieces (100 of them per ticket).
    You can sometimes get a ticket as a drop from the boss.
    All MPE potions only drop from the boss at the end. So if you don't care about exp or gear and just want the potions, talk to Spiegelette once you see the "BOSS DETECTED" message, and she'll summon it (and banish all the other monsters) right away. (If you do want the exp, only talk to her when there are two minutes left on the clock. Once you know how long it takes you to kill the boss, you can wait even longer to summon it).

    I strongly recommend getting a Big Spider familiar. With one, you're almost sure to get a Green Potion drop within your 3 runs. Without it... not so much.



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