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    Default Father of Video/Computer Gaming Dies: Ralph H. Baer - 1922-2014

    From Washington Post via Slashdot.

    I know some people might not care less about who he was. But I have mad respect for the guy as one of the gods of gaming in general. I pay my respects to him for being the man with the brown box that was playing games on a TV before it was even commercial.

    Can't complain about the stuff he has done. I can compare him to Gunpei Yokoi, in terms of products and the lasting influence on the industry in general. If some may humour me, I will say he does deserve the very honour for all the stuff he has done for gaming that transcends generations.

  2. Default Re: Father of Video/Computer Gaming Dies: Ralph H. Baer - 1922-2014

    Most people would be more familiar with Miyamoto, but people that built the platform that those types stand on are just as important. He's not the ONLY father of video gaming, but he is one of them; I don't think the video gaming trend would have stuck if some of the more mainstream/popular creators/promoters hadn't been around, it would have been pretty much dead on arrival, you really need both types to make a successful industry. Still, most of these guys are getting old, Bushnell is 71, Miyamoto is in his 60s...but most of these guys are still making video games, so at least they are dedicated to the cause and actually enjoy it.



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